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27 January 2009


hey everyone!!! im in china now!! its freaking cold!!!!!!!!! im so freeezin dead~! just leaving a msg here! bye! love ya lots! my darling***** mwahs!!!
happy chinese new year!

24 January 2009

Last note before leaving

Helllo!! here i am! blogging before im leaving. i'll be leaving in a few hrs time. hmmmph.. 
im gonnna miss everything here ; my darling , my darling , my darling , my darling & of course MY FRIENDS! hahh.
im not those forgetful type kay.. 
anyone want anything from china? eg. fake lv, fake coach , fake fake fake fake. everything fake there. =x no doubt. IHATECHINA. 
anyway just pray to god i wont die in a plane crash or plane bomb or gotten bang by a cow at china or got kidnapped by ppl there or even food-poisoning till dead there. hahahs.. gonna miss m`sia tons! 
i'll  be back by saturday midnight. so you  guys wana call or text me make sure you do that after sat kays? 



21 January 2009


homework homework homework!
im so sick of homeworks + im seriously ill now (but i still gotta go to schooooool!) ughhhh** (banging my head on de wall) oppps. i cant do that! my darling will sakit hati.. hahas. im still trying to get along with my new PDA phone & tryingg to finish all my dumbly dumb homeworks & trying to recover from my illness & start packing my large luggage & practice for cheer & basketball & volleyball & running & tuitions &&& most of all find some privacy time to spend with my darling. fuuuuuiyoooh. how am i supposed to do so many things in so lil` time??! im so gonna collapse soon. hahh.. aint` it good? collapse ady no need to do anything. roflmao
oh yeah. fyi: im leaving to china this saturday midnight. will be back by the next coming sat. pls dont msg me! it`ll cost you few bucks per sms! anything just leave an email or comment for me. i'll check it thru my hp. 

Miss You & Love You :3
ps. you know im talking bout you! haha!

17 January 2009


my new phone!!

HTC HTC HTC HTC! awwwww... my new baby. iloveyou. hah! me crazy?
yeap! totally. hahas... good news have been flooding me throught the whole week except for the freakin` homeworks, all the teachers, all de tuitions & sleeping class.. hehh.. havent got caught YET. lols.. pray hard to god i wont get caught. if u want proof, go ahead & ask anni what i've been doing in class. FYI she sits next to me in class. 

so there's this few announcements i wana make ;

i) today is officially the 4th day! (:
ii) i lastly got my dream phone!
iii) i officially FAILED my piano grade5 practical

im happy with what i've got now.. hahh.. except for all the bladdy homeworks. i havent even want to drag myself to the pile of books stacked up on my table.

to dimiin: im sorry. i really dont know i wana join cheer onot.
reasons ; 
i) i dont have time for practice
ii) i got alot of tuitions & sports practice
iii) cheer is ABSOLUTELY not my type of sport. i dont belong there.

sorrriii ya... wana explore my baby more! ciao ciao.

11 January 2009


so here's the pics on joee's bday surprise party
grabbed from xg's blog***

i was the one who pushed her into the pool. sorry!
esther playing drum on alex's chest
btw, he's the one who got bitten by the hamster! i guess he has hamster-phobia now ><
i love this one the most! chunwei kissin` jordan!
the cake's first mangsa
handfull of pressie! need a hand?
happiness filled with tears!

anni tangan sudah letih (lembik! =x)
we are CHEATERS!
we K.O.-ed the opponent in 3mins!
bowling : retarted me

orang orang yang terlibat:
 joee /annie / esther / xuegie / kristene / zhenghong 
alex / gabrielle / hong / jordan / chengmun / karmun
eng wei / kieve / adrian / jack / chun wei / waiman

there you go. if i missed out anyone of you pls do tell me (:
for more exciting pictures
pls click here: xuegie's blog or annie's blog

there i go. gonna update again when i get more pics from annie darlin`
dozing off... nights

10 January 2009

emo. no.

do you know you sing really well?
do you know you look good when u smile?
do you know how much i liked it when you talk to me?
do you know how much i love it the way you talked to it?
do you know you look sweet when you point your finger at me?
do you know how much i love it when you shout in pain right infront of me?


i aint emo-ing kay...
just crapping...
i've got nothing to do!


09 January 2009


9th of January
we were once this close,
but somehow we got further & further,
but now we got back closer again.

enjoy it till the last minute. appreciate it (:
love ya lots, waiman

(i know i look weirddd in this pic coz i took it when i was in form 1. i look ugly. ahem ahem***)

after school annie xg & me went over to xg's hse & makan & bath .
we were like so bored so xg suggested playing nintendo wii so we played larh.
we were so crazy especially the BOXING part!!! we are like fighting with the air &&& I LOOK SO RETARTED! me & annie cheated during the boxing session! we both hold one remote each & started punching the air. WE WON IN BOUT 4-5 MINUTES! K.O! woohoo! xD retards are like that. no offence annie!

then karmun reached  picked us up from xg's rumah. then went over to joee's. its a surprise party so she didnt know anything. her maid  became undercover & helped us out. b4 went up to surprise her we camwhore @ the park. was fun though. met new friends ^^ real fun! then her maid brought us up when joee's cousin reached.

we went into her hse while she's in her bedroom. she came out & she saw us. she was stunned like a blur sotong looking @ us. she was too HAPPY & CRIED. as usual. lols. then hugging & present-giving session went on for awhile. then cut cake & main with the cake of course. everyone got something on the face. i guess. damn syok man.
the hse was in a mess so we went down to the park 4 some games. we did 1 only & thats 007. i lazy to explain larh....

ps. Alex!!! im soooo sorryyy!!!! i didnt know the hamster will bite ur finger!!!!!!! SORRYY!!!! ><'' aiksss... naughty hamster! not my fault!

will upload pictures when i get it from annie & xg.

07 January 2009


sort of getting used to school ady.. its only the 3rd day of schooll.. hell yeah.. cause school too bored so get used to it pretty fast & handy.. im at era (puteri) now.. waiting for my sj & acc class.... idk a single person here... T___T so lonely. sobsss** i aint emoing okayy.... hahas.. alrite.. got nothing to blog.. correction** its got non mood to blog.... JUAN JUAN JUAN!!!TEXTBOOKS!!!! arghhh....


05 January 2009

1st day back to school

1st day back to freakin` school.
hell yeah.. masuk 4sc3. same class with gie & anni (:
god bless! busy busy busy ! gotta go tt laer.
accounts or bio? or both?? ohhh waddafark.
im not angry of you ; just hate it when you do that face
i aint invisible arsehole!

ps. i lenwaiman officially announce to day is the day when my blog / friendster / facebook / msn ARE going to be half activated.

03 January 2009

Happy Birthday Dear (:

Happy 13th Birthday Sarah
take care ya... older ady.. xD

i just figured out a few new year resolutions. below are a few ;
i) study like a mad cow coz form4 sucked like hell
ii) stop myself from eating more & more & more (hell yeah im getting fatter!)
iii) pulling myself away from my laptop & sticking myself nearer to books?

this are it.. will update more about my un-achieveable  2009 resolutions 
xoxo, peace

01 January 2009

realization of 2009

now i realized that i regretted not taking pictures with the guai lou(s)...
hmmph... sadd.... alamak... what to do~ have to wait till next year... what if next year tarak guai lou(s)?
sobs*** i damn dumbo larh... 

alaah..... dang dang dang!
although he abit hamsap... but.. guai lou memang hamsap de larh... =X


New Year celebration (JW.Marriot)

Happy New Year everyone! (:                 A New Year a new start rite?
okays. so our celebration destination was like usual. j w marriot hotel. the ioi resort one, not the kl one.
but this year is a lil diff. we reached there at about 10pm. waited for the table at terrace cafe.
so we sat at the main hall & waited. then there's this bunch of americans (i guess so) came over & asked us to dance.
this guy(looks a lil like zac efron style)asked me to dance so i told him idk how to dance. but he keep dragging me so i just stood there. worse to worst he asked whats my name. so i told him waiman la. he's like blank ady. so i said forget about it. m'sian names are like that. way diff. &&& he asked many questions... more & more & more... 
then i saw mom coming down from the stairs! what a relief!!! then i told him mom reached ady. gtg. pheww!
went into the restaurant & ordered drinks. cakap cakap for a while. then have to go out & dance again! ><'' takut!!
saw them again. then dance dance lo... having fun FUN FUN. that guy keep sticking to me .. asking questions & talking to me.. myb he knew i dont like it so he stepped back larh.. trying to keep distance.
then countdown time! 
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

everyone hugged & greeted each other Happy New Year! strangers i also hug larh. ROFLMAO. its new year mah.
but most shocking is the so-called-zac-efron kissed one of his relative! not normal kissing! ITS FRENCH KISS WITH BITTING THE LIPS & ALL!! EWWWWW!! INCEST!!!! &&&& THAT GIRL DAMN F*T!! i was like ohhhhhhemmmmgeeee!dont you know what's PDA??!!
WTFwtfWTFwtf! they kissed like that infront of me for about 3-4times. ewwwwwwwww! my cousins told me they purposely kissed infront of me...... alamak... perasan betull..they say wana make me jealous worr.. kononnya.. ps. there's one part where shocked me also. he suddenly came over to me. pushed me to his face & wished me Happy New Year. those scenes like in the movies. woah.. luckily he din kiss me.. if he kissed me.. i'll terus matii... HE SERIOUSLY FREAKED ME OUTT!

balik rumah see my flats. macam baru balik dari perang. xD

manman & manman
yeah. same name.


my beloved clown. knew him for 4 years ady! love you!