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10 May 2011

Deep, thoughts.

You know how it feels when you're hanging in between ? Couldn't figure out what to do, what's your next step. I know, i understand. I messed up. I guess my patience took over me. If things are not meant to be, it wont work in whichever way. You just got to let it flow, and eventually everything fall into place. You can't put a puzzle together in just one night. It takes time, patience, determination, will & every other single aspect to put the picture together.

                                                                                           girls may be weak, but they fall & stand easy.

The end of semester is getting nearer & nearer, finals are just around the corner. I'm not ready. I don't know how to face this, assignments are depressing enough. Shits happen in life,you just gotta hang in there alone & deal with it. Please, tell me how. Im not good in this 

07 May 2011

what do i want ?

I always ask myself, what i want. What i wanna eat, what i wanna do, what i must do, what i must not do and the question goes on and on. I never seem to be able to answer my own question, i dont knw where i am going in my life. i dont knw what i want. i need to sit down, stop for awhile to catch a breath and think. Eventually you'll get tired of running around with no sense of direction. So am i.

02 May 2011

time is not important, the chemistry in between is.

a different environment, a whole new place. i never expect anything from new people, but i was wrong.

i may only know thm for only this short 5months, but it feels long enough to be close. (: i can't say i know all of you well yet, neither can i say you guys knw me well. im sorry if i ever did anything bad / make you guys feel uneasy, but accept me for who i am will you ? (: x

you knw who you are.

(: yeah you guys. all of you. and OTHERS ALSO ! hehe

jst fyi, im actuallly glad i ditch my macbook at home & bring my new Dell to uni. why ? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO PHOTOBOOTH USING DELL ! :D aww, poor macbook-ers. HAHAHAH, dont be mad. thats what APPLE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RIGHT ? FOR FUN FUN FUN !