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31 May 2009

granny's birthday :D

i traded the yokenam cup's closing ceremony for my granny's bday. tho i was kinda sad for not attending but it was okayyy. coz i sayang my granny. aint i a good granddaughter? :D i terlalu syok sendiri kut. but whatever larh. stil glad i attended the partty.

pictures do the talking AGAIN. :]
(i malas)

*i bet anni wil scream & shout & scream & shout
when she sees the cam

mom driving her new car

makan ice`cream


after edit

mom ask me take pic of her posing ==''

my fugly sis

the mom & the daughter

Roxy :)

handing out redpackets! :]


my cheeky face xD

fuiyooh. sports car models. -.-''


i look retarded!

handbag ads xD

ass posers

*just beginning to use the cam so dont take good pictures