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31 August 2008


Alaaahhh.... MCH... DAmnnnn  embarrassing man.. Today went to the palace of golden horses for hi-tea[merdeka ma].. There's all tiz stupid competitions where they organise... And i kena dragged into 1 of the game, TEH TARIK  COMPETITION. Walao.... The 1st person summore. Ok.Tats fine. So there's tiz master of teh tarik demonstrate 1st. Then the spokesman called out my name. ok. tHIS IS IT. So I poured the jug of teh tarik into another. Everything was fine until my hand shook and the teh tarik poured out. Walao... the person made me turn around with the teh tarik too. And worse to worst the whole teh terik poured onto the floor. Alamak. I feel like digging a BIG HOLE and bury myself into it! WTF! So not the kind of Merdeka day i wana have.

30 August 2008


SEE??!! I take picture also tarak time to take. Have to ambil kesempatan to take picture while resting after finished doing revision... 


MERDEKA. TOMMOROW. alamak. Who wana celebrate la.. The damn fcukin exam is cumin again. Like viruses that will never stop attacking all the Form3's until PMR is all over. The damn ''PERSON'' who set all tiz bladdy rules and exams are trying to get a piece from me. When I touch / see exam papers the VERY 1st thing i feel is ''MCB. I'm gonna throw up ady.'' WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO?! Tiz is the F**KIN REALITY WORLD! 

29 August 2008


Just now went to IOI to Popular buy books with Venna. Aisey.... All couples go there watch movie, ''MONEY NO ENOUGH 2'' ... Saddd.. I tak boleh watch.. I thought my mom dont allow me go watch.... So I just phoned her and ask her to pick me hoome. When i got into the car she asked me ''Where is your friend?'' So i told her another group went to watch movie with her. her reply is ''ohhhh.. why didnt you follow?'' i was numb. ''What the.... i thought u dont allow me to go?'' and her reply was ''well u didnt call and ask my permission rite? if u asked i 'd let u go!'' Allaah... What a wasted day.......


Alaahhh.... Too BAD. got gf ady.....'' BEACHY''SHARON WADA.


Josh Hutcherson. Alaah..... Leng zai..


Yesterday night i watched ''Bridge to Terabithia''.I really got attracted to this movie.. The story line, effects and other stuff are sooo perfect. The actor Josh Hutcherson.. omigosh. soo charming.. prince charming nia.. aND the actress annashopia robb is soo pretty. wish i was as pretty as her! Josh hutcherson!! Now in my mind fulll of JOSH HUTCHERSON. 

28 August 2008


today is a normal day for me except the chandra part. Well.. i dont think i want to talk bout it.
secondly.. my eyes! while i was walking pass the library when school finished, ginnette pat on my hand and told me to look right infront of me.. all i saw was kit shaun and shou kuan. i replied to her, ''SO?''. her eyes grew as big as a ball [basketball i mean] and stare at me dragging along the word ''HUH? U SHOULDNT HAVE TIZ REACTION!'' i was lik f**k u.. my reaction is like this lar.. whats de problem with you? a few seconds later she whispered at me left ear. ''Do you know who am i asking you to look at just now???'' i replied expressionlessly, ''yup.. shoukuan and kit shaun right...'' she stood there and blurt out a few words, '' i asked you to look at YAOJOE! not tat 2 person!'' i was lik wad the fcuk! ''why didnt you tell me earlier??'' and she said '' alamak i thought you saw him!'' i walked home miserably..... something came up my mind. "now i realize how far i can look...."

26 August 2008

24 August 2008


Men's basketball!!! USA & SPAIN! LoveLoveLoveLove you guys!! Mwahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kobe bryANt, Lebron james & Ricky rubio!!!!!! usa VS spain! 118 - 107