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11 September 2011

att : miss snowflake.

TO MISS SNOWFLAKE, if by such coincidence you happen to stumble upon my blog.

my answer to yr question is here (:


yrs truly, miss penguin xx.

29 July 2011


Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you areI had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

i made a wrong choice.

13 July 2011


so if youre planning to watch this ...

i personally think, its best you spend your money on some other movie. not gonna be a spoiler here but just a tiny hint, its more like a family movie OR i would say movie for Kids. so yeah. BUT THE PENGUINS ARE REALLY CUTE N FUNNY !

06 July 2011


finally, new twitter display picture & layout (:


and  my Twitter will no longer be private. Its gonna be public. If anyone decides to confront / criticize me you can straight head to my twitter n mention me and throw yr words at me. :]


*i have no ideaa how to rotate this damn photo, but its okay.

there's always a saying, history always tend to repeat itself. im afraid, i cant see whats coming towards me. but i knw i got to move on.

will be showing you guys some goods i got from Sephora ; Soap&Glory ! (:

03 July 2011




28 June 2011


So, after 1week of hell *my finals*, im now here complaining i have absolutely nothing to do and bragging about the boredom thats killing me inside out, upside down, front to back and yada yada yada.

KNOWING THE FACT THAT THIS SEMBREAK LASTS FOR ONLY ONE MONTH, which sounds impossibly short i try to make full use of it. just by ... COMPLAINING HOW BORING IT IS. lets take a look at what i did for the past 1week.

so i  basically tweet / study / eat / sleep 4hours DAILY for that one wwhole week. my sleep debt is uncountable. ! it was pure torture for not able to sleep peacefully n had to stuff all those theories in stuffs into my tiny brain n sit for the exam with -0% of knowledge. ive been praying day n night for finals to be over and cant wait for sembreak.... man was i wrong.
and the best part is
look at the left leg. the swell wasnt quite obvious in the picture. it looks way bigger in real. someone got shocked by the size of it -_- now all i can do is be a potato couch and get stuck infront of the computer screeen. #LIFELESS


01 June 2011

at times,

you may not realise this, but now i do. Friends are your most important element in life. NO I DONT MEAN THOSE ON FACEBOOK / TWITTER. I meant those who you see,talk,hang with everyday in class / at work. They are one of the best thing that has ever happened in your life. You may not be close with thm and know every single detail about thm, but they actually tend care & be nice to you naturally, UNCONSCIOUSLY.

Just choose one fine day, walk up to them and give em a warm hug & say thankyou.




you know when suddenly everything goes bad ? everything just seems to go wrong ? yeah im somewhere there now. not that i am about to commit suicide or make any immature move. but im just exhasuted. i feel sick, sick of all this. i need to do something, i might be going thru all this alone but i promise when things get better, i'll come up with better entries (:

10 May 2011

Deep, thoughts.

You know how it feels when you're hanging in between ? Couldn't figure out what to do, what's your next step. I know, i understand. I messed up. I guess my patience took over me. If things are not meant to be, it wont work in whichever way. You just got to let it flow, and eventually everything fall into place. You can't put a puzzle together in just one night. It takes time, patience, determination, will & every other single aspect to put the picture together.

                                                                                           girls may be weak, but they fall & stand easy.

The end of semester is getting nearer & nearer, finals are just around the corner. I'm not ready. I don't know how to face this, assignments are depressing enough. Shits happen in life,you just gotta hang in there alone & deal with it. Please, tell me how. Im not good in this 

07 May 2011

what do i want ?

I always ask myself, what i want. What i wanna eat, what i wanna do, what i must do, what i must not do and the question goes on and on. I never seem to be able to answer my own question, i dont knw where i am going in my life. i dont knw what i want. i need to sit down, stop for awhile to catch a breath and think. Eventually you'll get tired of running around with no sense of direction. So am i.

02 May 2011

time is not important, the chemistry in between is.

a different environment, a whole new place. i never expect anything from new people, but i was wrong.

i may only know thm for only this short 5months, but it feels long enough to be close. (: i can't say i know all of you well yet, neither can i say you guys knw me well. im sorry if i ever did anything bad / make you guys feel uneasy, but accept me for who i am will you ? (: x

you knw who you are.

(: yeah you guys. all of you. and OTHERS ALSO ! hehe

jst fyi, im actuallly glad i ditch my macbook at home & bring my new Dell to uni. why ? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO PHOTOBOOTH USING DELL ! :D aww, poor macbook-ers. HAHAHAH, dont be mad. thats what APPLE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RIGHT ? FOR FUN FUN FUN !

28 April 2011


paid Sasa another monthly visit again. consulted the sales girl (more like a beauty cosultant cos she knws EVERYTHING. lol) and i came home w the new range of product DR.G ! korean product, which has a ppretty cute packaging, haha. SO I DECIDED TO DO A REVIEW ! i tried many & many products previously so i think im actually kinda late to start doing a review now. BUT BETTER LATE THN NEVER RIGHT ? HAHA

like usual, picture speaks a thousand words. so here we go,

Beyond Young ; Dr.G

a product of korea (:
Beads Beads Foam Cleanser. 
Texture : good, blue beads are found in it to work as the scrub.
Blue Blue Toner (:

The girl insisted to use cotton pad applying toner.
This is not in the Beyond Young seeries, got this to cure my pimples and scars. i must say the effect kick in fast ! WOOT (Y)

must use cottonpad alsoo ! jst dab it on those spots will do. a lil feeling of itchness is normal
night cream, only to be applied during the night after yr cleanser & toner !
not too sticky, not too watery. jst right (:


this is lotion for the Day (:

this whole set costs only rm60. my advice is try this traveler set out first, if it really suits your skin condition thn you can proceed buying the full range (: so that you dont waste your money ! HAHAH my mom taught me to do so .

thts all about it, x.

I'm on The Great ChurpChurp Race. Are you in it too?! #Churp2Race

I'm on The Great ChurpChurp Race. Are you in it too?! #Churp2Race

THIS IS NOT A SPAM. just some kind of contest thingy. if youre interested do join the race ! you can stand a chance to win Blackberry / IPAD. (:

23 April 2011


 Had alil trouble managing uni assignments & exams. anyways, im done w/ my Malaysian Studies for this sem. hopefully i pass *with flying colours of course and hence i do not need to retake this life threatening subject again.

im still working on a few assignments, i have 1 week left. gotta make use of all the 24hours i have in a day to finish it up. will be back w/ a post on District Rotaract Assembly. (: x

01 April 2011

A Monday Blue treatment.

Monday, definitely not the best day of the week. So after such long hectic day, mom decided to bring her 2 girls for a savory dinner (: since ioi boulevard is just nearby, we paid a visit again on our way home. The sister suggested to try Cone Pizza because we Jakun people have not tried even once after such long existence of the restaurant. i have to say, the food they have there are quite pricey compared to other restaurants because they serve quite a small proportion but it was worth a try.

They are having a promotion now, dinner promo. For every pasta (rm10.90) / cone pizza (rm9.90 ) ordered you can choose 2 side dishes from a variety of choices price ranging from rm3-4

appetizer ; fresco salad

Garlicky Foccacia

(must try ! tho nt as awesome as ikea's)
pasta ; Aglio E Olio
JENG JENG (creamy chicken delight)
yeah, my mom :D

After having a fulfilling italian meal, i had a desert craving & sorta forced mom to allow me satisfy my desert craving . HONEYMOON IT IS ! i believe honeymoon is a popular place for awesome desert defo i guess no elaboration is needed here :D



this is a must try ! totally forgot the name but look out for it (:
 * didnt have any cameras with me so iphone did the job. HAHA

The website !
Puchong IOI Boulevard :: Map

13A Ground Floor
Jalan Kenari 4
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
+603 8070 4691