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29 November 2008


its 2.30 am sharp.
me & my cousin came back from CYCLING just now. YES. CYCLING
it was so awesome! i love it!
btw. we saw 2 guys at there fishing area cycling while we passed by!
we LOOK at Them, they LOOK at US.
xd damn funny weih.. i should have greeted them ''Good Morning , dude!''
hahas.. siao man..
okay this is so EXTRA ORDINARY!
im going for another ride again! 
buhhh bye!

the reappear of The Grand Shop-a-holic

lols... the title above sucked. i knew but i cant think of any better one. >.<''
went to mv & shopped like crazy today!

woke up & got ready as usual.
such an unlucky & a lucky day. xd
because there's a road block & my mom kena caught by police for idk what-so-ever reason.
so as usual. she act innocent & begged & begged the guy not to be ''serious'' if u know what i mean. =x
so my mom slipped a rm10 note below her ic & passed it to him. :p
 ps. like what she did when xg,anni,joee & esther took a ride with me home. but that time there was an extra rm10 note below her ic. xd lols..

12 noon:
reached mv & went to makan @ KENTUCKY & i hate it. >.<
meet up with my aunt @ isetan because there was a huge sale.
i got a new bag! weee~! GUESS! i've been haunting for that guess bag! & at last mom bought it for me!
and i went to but some nice japanese snacks. :) my fave choco!

bising my mom to go roxy quickly coz im scared all the nice stuff got ''stolen'' by other shopaholics!
the crew asked for my member card.
i showed her & straight dashed into the store!
the first thing came out of my mouth is ''OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGEEEEEEEEE!''
i got gila of that sight ady so i went to take the first thing i see. A BIG bag.
and then i go round & round of the store taking everything i see thats nice & throw into the bag.
the women & girls there looked at me STUNNED. xd i didn't know i looked as if i have gotten some kind of disease.
but i dont care! because what i care is ROXY'S !
then i went to one corner & start checking out all the stuff i got just like A RUBBISH COLLECTER TRYING TO SEPARATE THINGS INTO CATEGORIES
i think i took about 3 HOURS in there & ended up with a whole load of thing & an empty wallet. =.=''
i am an officially pokai-ed shopaholic.

10 pm:
cant stand the tiredness thats goign through my body so my mom suggested going home.

thats all for today!
please come again tomorrow.
thank you & have a nice day!

:D i memang ber-potential to become a sales girl in ROXY. =x
chilling out alone now.
bye waiman

27 November 2008

freakness #2

there i go again.. with all the omfgs'
just the same like michelle... lols...
okay.. let me cerita sikit-sikit about this whole day...

11.30 am:
woke up to get ready & all...
mom prepared breakfast but i tak lalu makan.. >.<>
looked at the clock ticking.. one minute by one minute. 

3.00 pm:
reached cambridge. straight went into the waiting room. then i saw 
huimin, michelle, bryan & kishmu. >.< tsk tsk* takut! then we started to chat & chat & chat
bout our feelings & all...

3.45 pm:
the first group which is kismu & bryan went in ady..
then 4 of us [ huimin, shueu chyi, michelle & me ] start to FREAK OUT AGAIN. =.=''
we took a few minuted to calm down again...
huimin's bro came over & talked to us bout his FCE test experience.
he said there's nothing to freak for. nah.. i dun think so.. =X

4.00 pm:
then huimin & sc were called to the examination room. 
aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! both michelle & me screamed
in a controlled volume coz worry we scare the CAE students. hahas.
michelle started to write in her blog. >.<
she can write her blog in such a condition. im speechless...
go take a look at her 52nd post. she even included me in the post. =.=''

both of us tried many many ways to calm ourselves down

4.15 pm:
we were called to wait outside the room. idk what i did then..
because the teachers there kept telling me to relax. to go in & just talk.
lols... abit embarrassed..

heared the 'ting' soud.
went in calmly..
greeted the examiner ''Good Afternoon'' .
and everything begins...
i got stuck for TWICE!
& i said ''OH MY GOD'' !
& the examiner look so not friendly & she doesn't seem to like us or myb me. ><

i think i did real bad!

nah nah nah.. forget it... no turning back.. unless i've got a time machine wit me &
thats not gonna happen in a 1000 years time. lols.

after the test i drop by at venna's hse & went to nainas for a roti canai.
my mood doesn't seem really good after the exam.
so we decided to head to will mill for ice-cream!
tee-hee! so YummY. but..
we order a WOK of chocolate & milk tea ice-cream & a mountain of choco snow.
we eat until want to THROW UP. but still cant finish. ><
i guess both of us wont be eating will mill for a YEAR!

almost late for tt
mr.ding terlewat
freakish waiman

freakness #1

This is all i can afford to say now...
my speaking test just now.. was way worse than i thought it would be!
I am so lost ! i got stuck a few times & i kept talking crap.
Crapping all along...!
im sure michelle thinks the same way too.. =X
im really tired of all the freaking out just now...
want to go yam cha with venna ady!

gonna update after tuition tonight

25 November 2008

one more day

one more day to go~ brrrr~
im panicking larh... my speaking sucks to the bottom man..
if you don't believe. go ask mechelle.
she'll explain to you how i got stuck halfway in the ''compare & contrast'' part. xd

just received a newsletter from Roxy ! weee~
got sales preview again! i can bring 3 friends there! :)

watching tv days & nights 

updates ❤

Just finished tuition.
Today teacher taught me PHYSICS instead of ADD MATHS & MODERN MATHS.
PHYSICS is way more suck-ing than ADD MATHS & way more dumbo than MODERN MATHS.
as you know. i'm bad at understanding & i have a bad memory.
Physics requires both of this criteria. what the hell man.
I'm like 1/2 sleeping while he was teaching. =.='' 
He saw it. then he SLAMMED the book right infront of me.Dang! Habis larh me.
Like what he always did to me when i'm not paying attention.
Let me tell you. I regretted choosing science stream ! argh!
Whatever larh. 

Gotta go do some revision for my FCE exam. 
DANG Dang Dang Dan! Pray to god i can just pass the exam like i did last two years. =.=''
I'm not ready for all this f.y.i.

having ''fun'' with my 250 pages of text book + 320 pages of grammar & vocab

adios !
waiman ❤ 

24 November 2008

updates for today.

arghhhh! what the hell man~!
the speaking test in on the 27th & such a coincidence twilight is on 27th also!
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't watch it on the first day of twilight!
mommy help me! xd such a baby right? calling for mommy's help. LOL
nevermind nevermind.
can watch it on friday with shauny~ wakakaka...
shauny. gentleman abit. belanja me watch. :p

btw. just now i saw pictures of my cousins & other relatives in china. 
=.='' they look so.... urrmm.. i don't know how to describe.
& i'll be going to china next year to meet them.. sweating like crazy man.
seriously im not ready for that. @@ 

chilling with Katy Perry's Hot & Cold :)

updates for friday & saturday

contact-lensed eyes
straightened hair
i sat at the saloon for about three hours until my butt also flat ady
& i got this rebonded hair as a return.
the saloon owned by khester.
ngam ngam opened saja. =.=''

then went to windmill at night for escargots! :)
my dad promised my sis if she gets 5 A then can go windmill makan puas puas!
:) hahas.. i untung..
had a great dinner !
cambridge this week was the last class.
teacher returned our essays that were written last week.
guess what?
i got a band4! whee~! happy siao man.
then teacher asked us to get into our group to do an assignment
while waiting for our speaking practice.
so as normal i grouped up with michelle.
we picked C and the title is this:
42nd president of America : Bill Clinton
=.='' but ours were the easiest among the others. 
the others are: Tang Dynasty, The Animal Farm & Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
XD so.. god bless we got Bill Clinton !
we berjaya to find about Bill Clinton on the net in wikipedia.
damn handsome right?
lols. xd
our presentation was the best i guess... :p

ps. michelle told me when i was doing the presentation, my hand was shaking so obvious..
      =.='' hope nobody realized that.. hahas... i seriously enjoyed the last class of cambridge. :)
27th is the speaking test! takut! 

21 November 2008


went to venna's house to have some fun. xd
some how all this pictures aren't arranged correctly... 
so i'll just show you whats all this about..

walking home from mamak... (: kenyang~
damn ''cute'' rite? =x
edited by me [im not pro]
i look ugly in this but its okay...
somehow.. i like this.. ^^
fuiiyoor.. not pro at all.. xd
look at her face!! 
venna, waiman, jj, hong ying
half way walking home from mamak
suddenly it rained heavily...
so we took this opportunity to play in the rain

[18sg] he's naked ! LOL

gonna crawl to bed now... chiaosss...

18 November 2008


my master piece of editing
 im not good at editing everyone xd

        i seriously cant wait to bake anymore
so i decided to buy an instant package of mixed flour
& bake

it started to grow 


& it ended up like this

though it doesnt look beautiful & delicious


it certainly is


ps. my dear friends, if you want to have a piece of this.... wait till ur birthday reaches.. :p

16 November 2008

just my luck

Went to Sunway today...
To pick up my sis @ Sun & surf hotel. 
So i took a short walk with my mom.

Guess what?
I saw the girl [who is a boy] Wan Qian, who won the Astro Talent Quest this year. 
=.='' actually i didnt know its her. but she was peering at me so i peered back la...
then i found out its her & my mom forced me to go take photo with her. But i tak mau! Coz im 
not interested larh.. Everybody arouond kept staring at her & whisper whisper~

ps. im trading the trip to malacca with a rebonding treatment. :)
(so i wont be going to the trip)

ps. im going to d-i-y baking cake! cant wait :)

ps. i saw my STEAK again :)
('he' has a different look ady !)

want to watch Gem Of Life now... (:

12 November 2008


reached mv. i texted juan at 11.30 sharp but he din reply. so i decided to head to 
delifrance with mom to have breakfast. then juan called and told me he reached the cinema ady.
reached the top floor. so i went looking around for juan since he told me her reached.
but instead i saw farn yee, hui yee & wing kan. [if i remembered correctly] they told me 
viknes & jason they all made a prank saying they'll be watching HSM 3 instead of THE 
VAMPIRE so they got out from the cinema. money wasted nia... i really couldn't scan 
juan anywhere nearby so i called and him. he saw me ady so i meet him up larh. i was so
PONTENG school just to go watch movie at mv. brave nya... 

then we went to the GOLD CLASS COUNTER to buy ticket. woo~ rich nya.. xD
no larh.. because kenton worked there b4 so he know some friends who can let us CUT LINE. ngek ngek... at first we thought of watching ''THE VAMPIRE WHO ADMIRED ME'' but that girl insisted us to show her our IC to prove we are ABOVE 18. same goes to ''MY BEST FRIEND'S EX GIRLFRIEND'' . we've got no choice but to watch ''EAGLE EYE'' & the show start at 4.30pm! its only 1pm+ when we bought the ticket. Kenton watched eagle eye ady so he tak mau watch.. =.='' left me & juan alone go watch saja.. 
Kenton wanted to go to the toilet so we walked off leaving him alone. =x i turn aroud and saw him out of sight ady so i quickly whispered to juan ''Kenton is getting fatter again.'' Juan made an ugly face at me and kept walking.. lols..

we went to the prince cafe for lunch... juan ordered a PORK CHOP BUN. aiyaahh.. i forgot to take a photo of him eating the PORK CHOP ! we sat inside the cafe for 1 & half hour.. we played ''POLICE & THIEF'' the score is 10 [juan] 5 [kenton] 5 [me] . so kenton have to belanja juan coffee. :) i ran away from it! then we did all sorts of tricks with the poker card. 

i can't believe what they did after that. THEY STOOD AT THE DOME'S CAFE AT THE OUTDOOR TO SMOKE ! luckily there's not alot of ppl around. so im fine with that. then we proceeded to the arcade. im went there to see JUAN PLAY ARCADES ! =.='' i cant believe i get to see his childish side. xD should have taken a photo of him getting OBSESSED with the game.
i have to wait till he gets a ''K.O'' then we left and made a ''TOUR FOR 2'' we went loitering around MIDVALLEY GARDENS ISETAN ROBINSON & JUSCO

phewwww! thats was tiring man!! my leg felt like falling apart. so we decided to have a drink at MC DONALD'S . well.. we didnt get to take pictures like i did with anni they all. xD we sat at the top floor. we talked bout SCHOOL GOSSIPS, 007, WILL SMITH, MUSCLES, EXPERIENCES & alot more.... i cant remember.. then we watched the trailers for all sorts of movie.. there's only one made us laughed aloud. BOLT. we saw the hamster which goes to everywhere in a ball. its SUPER CUTE. & FAT. then at last!! 4.30 sharp! we went into the cinema's toilet. 

i don't know which cinema we were going to and which seat we are sitting. 
GREAT. It turns out to we are sitting COUPLE SEAT RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE.
i didn't know that for god's sake! and juan informed me that this is his FIRST TIME SITTING COUPLE SEAT. so do i.... =.='' and he told me i should feel PROUD of it. while feeling PROUD i try to ignore juan and watch the movie. ahhhh.. but i still can smell it. so i asked ''Hey Juan, you smoked just now? in the toilet?'' and he answered ''yeah.'' so i told him not to smoke.. health is important dear.. Well he gave me a permission. See this Carefully. ''If you see me SMOKE NEXT YEAR, just SLAP me.'' i was SPEECHLESS

we were supposed to have dinner together. but mom showed up at mc donald. so...... too bad... i have to go home.. i don't know where he went after that. lols..

i know this is a long post.... but i guess this is the best birthday present for me this year :)
BYEs ! =)

11 November 2008

bella & edward

bella & edward kissing
wish i got a bf as handsome as edward x)
too bad i'm not gonna have one...
they are so sweet isn't it??