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22 October 2008

a day with venna

today after school went to venna's house.
i reached her house at 3.30pm but we went to swim at 4.00pm.
let me explain why it took us darn long to reach the swimming pool since its just a few minutes walk to there.
i reach her house she was watching tv. so i ask her go change reach the place earlier la.
she went up for half an hour also not yet come down. i got fed up so i bang into her room to make her get going. she keep asking me wad should she wear wad should she bring and so on..
i just strangle her neck and make her leave..
so we went to swim lo... khai choong, pei chi & sook fung also reache there ady.
then swim swim swim swim swim swim swim swim.
after swimming we went to nainas and have lunch.
when we were half way back to venna's house, it started to rain.
at first it was drizzling then start to rain heavily...
so we took the opportunity to take pictures.
:p nothing better to do!

failed to take a nice view
see my hair so messy also know it rained heavily.

received a call from the optic shop saying my contact lens reached ady!
gonna pick up my cons now. :)

21th oct

yesterday went to ioi mall to order the contact lens.
yeepi! :))

then i went to register for the ioi community run.
want to win!!!

so just walk around la see if got some new stuff or not...
then we saw this ------->>>>>

let me do a briefing about this fish spa.
just as you put ur leg into the pond all the fish is like coming to you..
and start sucking your your leg
they just suck wherever they can. =.=''
damn geli larhs...
sort of affordable la
for a fish sucking experinece. :p
go try it out if you guys havent!

20 October 2008


btw show you guys some pictures of my birthday present. :)
miss xg got this for me. i forgot which year. :x
i'm still waiting for hers this year~ :p

this monkey was given by someone i like & someone i dislike.

this Roxy watch of course my lovely daddy buy for me larhs...

this collection of twilight also from my beloved daddy..

my darling anni buy for me one! :)  love this~ mwahhs!

my good boy jay got this for me! 

ini last year anni esther xuegie joee make for me! handmade. :))

my angpau no need to show you guys gua.. :p hahas..
okay i'll post till here today! buh byeeee~
mwahhs! thanks everyone! enjoyed my bday this year!

the kindergarten party

well all i can say about the party is awesome! :)
well except for some jerks making me feel hopeless because of what they did.. :(
skip that part la because i didn't mention bout it that day...
well i have to say THANKS to all of you who came to the party and got a nice cake 4 me! :))
i love it!
credits to jason andrew joee esther xuegie anni junming afiq chunwei eric viknes weejien yeingmao nicholas & ..... i can't remember! sorry! :p
you guys can come another time for BBQ! i promise no more JUSCO just TESCO! :p
i know its a long & tiring journey~
sorry ya guys...

group pic 1

group pic 2
P.S : the pics with labels of 'ourspotofhistory' i took from esther's post! :p esther don't mind ya..

16 October 2008

dumb, dumb & dumb.

sit there for a few hours ady of course stretch abit la.
they insisted for a peace pose so...
and 1 normal pose...
they purposely crack a joke that made me laugh till gila.
i dont know why is it all in white and black... -_-

this blog is alive again!
since i begged my mom until siao ady... she let me online today! :p
got some real lame stuff to show you guys. but i was forced to do so. hope you understand.
my friends are here to study with me for geografi. doing preparation for tomorrow...
they got bored and started fooling around. so they got this bladdy idea of taking pix.
and great! they chose me! =.='' because i was the only one studying~
after taking those lame-o pix, they suggested me to post those pix right NOW in this BLOG.

p.s: actually there's 1 last pic that they wanted me to post [because i looked extremely            dumbious in that pic]
i made my trademark gesture in that pic which i dont do in the PUBLIC. i don't understand how they caught me doing that! =.='' whatever la. don't ask me what's dat gesture. there's no answer! 
i'll revenge some other time! becareful~!
gotta go study la... too much fun... buhh-byeee~
  waimanloveducky! [ducky is waiman!]

08 October 2008


seriously not gonna online already.
my head will be chopped off if i dare to online before pmr finishes!
well that's what my mom told me.
so this will be a dead blog till 17th of october 2008.
valid from this second.
sob sob*
miss you lots!

04 October 2008


FYI i changed my blog add.
well because i think it sounded childish and weird too. 
so i changed to
link this add ya.. 
party gonna start soon! yeah!

03 October 2008


guess what time i woke up today??
5! not 5 in the morning! its 5 in the afternoon! =S i wasted half of my day sleeping rather than studying...
haiyoor.. watch too much tv. i also don't know what time i went to bed! ==
same goes to my mom and sis. and my more mom clever. left her hp downstairs so the alarm ring
like going to explode ady also haven't wake up. =='' 
chiaoz.. gotta continue study! catch up abit! 



what the f**k man!
I don't know what i did to taman yarl ppl!
okok. let me explain this properly.
my cousin maykuan is from smk taman yarl.
so she got fs so of course all her friends are taman yarl la.
so her profile is full of our [as in me and her] pix.
most of it was taken under an unknown condition.
i didn't get ready or whatever so i just got shot like that.
so of course it won't look real nice la. something like the pix i posted in this blog la.
so there's a few of bladdy YARLS commenting on the pix and say "who is that??"
"your aunty ahh??" "why she tie her hair like aunty geh??"
when i see those comments i was like bladdy fire up man.
all this bitches are trying to get a piece from me.
i real darn pissed ! tak boleh tahan ady!
so i go to their bladdy shit profile go wall them up!
OMFFFFG! they act as if they are the MISS WORLD or something like that.
i can 100% tell you i am much prettier than them! they are all porkchops!! serious!
 i'm not perasan!
you want to say me perasan then go ahead la. i got no ears to hear.
all this f**ckin bitches thought they are the queen of the world! 
they don't even have the right to comment about me! arghhh!
i'm gonna give them 2nd time kaokao if they dare to come and scold me or whatever!

pheww~ feeling better after blurting all this out in my bladdy asshole blog. 
luckily got enough time to finish up this post.
nevermind. think of jinleang's quote! 
smileee! =]
cheeeesee! =]]

gotta go. if not kena shoot by mommy again! helppp!
buh byeee!
                      pissed off ducky! 

02 October 2008


actually got some idiotic stories for you guys. 
i darn lazy! >.<
and i'm not like esther la..
too free go post some siao stuff. =X
joking esther.
really busy and have to study.
so talk bout anything also have to wait until after PMR baru cakap.

~ waiman : duckY