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31 March 2009

To annie. (est report)

Advantages and Disadvantages of using paper bags.

Paper bags have both advantages and disadvantages. Compared to plastic bags, paper bags have more advantages but lesser disadvantages. There's a few disadvantages of using paper bags for example, it has a low durability and resistance to water. It can be wet and torn easily. Hence, when the paper bag is wet it tears easily. Paper bags are able to hold up to a certain weight only. Putting too much weight on the paper bag might cause the whole paper bag to tear off. Paper bags can't last long unless it is used with care. Although nowadays paper bags are environmental friendly but most paper bag are still made of papers that are cut down from trees. As paper comes from trees, the process of converting it from logs to paper is tedious. It may use fossil fuels and other chemicals to convert it into papers. Therefore, the environment might be polluted due to the conversion of paper. Heating wood chips under pressure to make paper bags uses toxic chemicals which can lead to acid rain and water pollution too. These are the common disadvantages of using paper bags.

One of the main advantages of using paper bags is it is recyclable. It is recyclable and environmental friendly because it is made of paper. The 3R concept can be applied in using paper bags too. Paper bags can be reused and recycled. Normally paper bags come in four sizes ; extra small, small, medium and large. We can always reuse paper bags as gift bags, disposable garbage bags or even bring it to school to be used as a bag. By using paper bags, the usage of plastic bags can be reduced too. Paper bags don't cost much too if its ordered in bulk and high amount. Younger generations and mostly students like to use paper bags because there's nice decorations and patterns on the bags. We usually get paper bags when we go shopping and most stores use paper bags as the packaging for example famous brands like Roxy, Lewre and Padini.

>>> gie. est done ady. copy it from hereeeee. coz idk if msn send to you got any prob onot. got anything wana edit or change then tel me. i'll change it. :)

*** to annie. soreee for ze mistake! :p

29 March 2009


28 March 2009

tagged. by gie

Tagged By Xue Gie,

Do not copy the answers.
The tag questions must be 100% same.
Tag people after doing the tag.
No tagging back.

A. Tag (edited from gie's tag. ps. not tagging anyone)
1) Venna
2) Kavin
3) Jee Yan
4) Jing Yi
5) Jing Leong
6) Xue Gie
7) Anni
8) Amanda
9) Wee Jien
10) Xi Wai

How do you know 1?
through tuition

What would you do if you never met 2?
look for him in msn/blog/friendster

What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
i'll be happy. but we are straight kayyy

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
urhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. what you think gie? ;p

Do you think 7 is attractive?
TOTALLY. HOT like crazy. im gonna fall in love with her ady.

Do you know anything about 8's family?
absolutely. NO

Tell me something about 9
my good old friend!

What language does 2 speak?
english? (i think sooo)

Who is 3 going out with?
urhhhh. idk

How old is 4?
1 + 7 = 17

Who is 6's favourite singer?
a japanese singer? actually i tak tau ><

Would you date 7?
yes. btw she sits next to me. can date her anytimee

10 single?
maaaf. idk.

What is 9's last name?
Chin. nop its Chiu

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
good buds. DEFINITELY

Which school does 2 go to?
Taylor. rite?

What do you like about 3?
she darn cute xp


i just copy paste de whole thing & edit edit ze answers. heh.

ps. gonna post bout earth hour tmr.

27 March 2009

minta maaaf. sorrie.

sorry for not updating like so loooooong. want to know th` reasons? i guess i list all for 3days2nights pun tak boleh habis. roflmao. i dont even have th` strength to stay up infront of th` laptop for 1hour. all im able to do now is : layinfrontofzetv&fallasleep . hah. believe me. its true. ohhhhohhh. btw i got my jerseyy ady. damn chun weih! wana see it? catch me in school wearing dat. 8. its no. 8 . mom's getting me a new pair of bball shoes! weeeeee! terimakasih banyak banyak! ze exam was fineeee. but there's the one&only subject which i seriously flunked (i didnt expect it tho).ohhhhmyyyyyygodddddd. speeeeeeechless d. esok earthhour. pls switch of ze lights. save ze earth. HEH. :) wanttocrawltobed. jumpa lagi. if im F.R.E.E.

15 March 2009

im sick. again.

gotten sick ytd. guess slept too late for the past week {coz exam larh} & too much of bball practice. aite. i pengsan summore. ;( this time very yam gung weih. but gotten a shot from doc. now feeling better ady. at least can blog here. i even skipped camb ytd.

so this is my cert. yup. its grade c. =( sobss.
but its in europe level la. so i dont blame myself for getting a C.

my bball comp is next month! white + blue jersey. no.8. haha. hope it looks nice on me. :)
boys under 18's 1st match is next week. wish them good luck!
hoping to get well soon.

13 March 2009


upcoming updates ;
pics of esther's partyy
my flunking experience of the 1st form4 test
hah. gie; i think we shud make a collection of ic pictures. xD

trying to rest & relaxx now. after whole day of studyin bio & bball praccticee.

08 March 2009

before im signing out. i want to complain! ROFLMAO. merah seriously sucked weihhh. on sports day i didnt win a single medal except for cheer (in hamper form sadly :[) i sat at the stupid terowong there pathetically waitin for my turn to run. who the hecks knows 4x200m is the last event. i kept my energy for tht whole day just to run that event & i lost. =='' freaking pissed. i speed all the way but still. I lost. im the 3rd runner & unfortunately.... aite. i dont wanna blame anyone for not winning larh.

my schedule:

monday : esther's bday partay @ her hse

tuesday: exam starts (omfgwtf)

friday: end of exam

saturday: bball practice

monday: holiday! here i comeeee

april: basketball match (bangsar), birthdays AGAIN & more

-end of post-

my Venna!

im sorry dahlin!
i REALLY forgotten when's your birthday!
dont be angry kayyyy

You're turning to 16 ady! Sweet 16! :3
will always love you like i do.

we've been through ups & downs & now we are frineds for 4years already!
im glad you really are my friend
i will bring you for a treat during the holiday & come over to my place to bake cake.
ohyeahh. & to cook spaghetti for you to makan.
fyi she has been naggin me to cook spaghetti for her. -.-

sports day

aduhh. i freakin lazy to blog nowadays weih. with all the school stuff, homeworks, sports & the farking EXAM! im so tired. leave me alone larh. since gie asked me to update update. then i paksa paksa to update la. :3 im updating for you gie xD ahhah... pics oni ya. lazy to type pun. so here goes my pics.
pics arent in order*
the temenggung wu-wa wu-wa thingy

merah no.1 #

here comes the spiderman

robot move @ the end of circus

the stupid silat thingy



sook yii : me : di miin

me & sook yii trying very hard to rip of the hampper

starting from de green shirt to right: annie - gie - me
harha. damn chun rite? we are the 3rd runners!

ending my posts
with this pic of

for red house cheer video