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16 December 2010

Body Image Advice For Teens

she's good ! (: try taking fashion advices from her.

'change your Style, not Yourself ! '

30 September 2010

still breathing, still hanging in there.


its almost 1week since trials started ! ): everyone's so tensed up, freaking out for every paper, having restless nights, some of em didnt even get to sleep ! eyebag's pimples darkcicles & anything that you can imagine had just invaded my face. which isnt good at all, and i received some 'compliment' about it. they claim i look like 30-year-old devastated aunty, pfft say whaat ?

oh by the way, tweeties ! yesh the #NewTwitter is here already ! and i just got to try it 2days back ((: no worries ya all, your turn will come soon :D *wanted to screenshot the new twitter but i should lets ya all reveal it yourself ! but its more or less the same like Twitter for Iphone (:

there's also new season of GossipGirl, new season of GLEE ! and new cycle of ANTM <3
there's also IPHONE4, BB2BOLD, IPAD, PLAYBOOK BY BB. oh god, why trends fly like spaceshuttle ?

just a short update to make sure im still right on track & alive (: a surprise post tmr, myb ? stay tuned !

adios, x

15 September 2010

Youth, are you ?

OLA readers & bloggers !

im here to do a short update promoting YouthSays ! dont know whats YS ?

What is Youth Says ? is a REWARDS platform for youths. Members of consist of youths (aged 13 – 30) from all over the Southeast Asia region. Membership is FREE & currently open to youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

How to join ?
just click on HERE (: and you'll find out more. its not troublesome and all, infact i keeps you update with activities and on-goin promotions ! :D

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if youre interested in any of the above, just click on the pinkiee link ! (: xx

14 September 2010

lets scratch some skin with Vaseline !

i dont live my life like any other teenage girls does. im not trying to prove myself special or what but what im trying to say here is i dont pamper myself as much as every ordinary girl does.

when i turned 13, leaving primary school and stepping my foot into secondary school 5years ago, i told myself im going to be the Tough one doing things that girls rarely do. OH YES I DID . infact i got myself into the school basketball team. I then realised IT IS NOT OK FOR GIRLS TO play basketball and many people find it not-very-girl-like and in fact some boys took me wrongly as a Lesbian. it didn't bother me much tho. i thought basketball is something cool until i came facing some problems.

I study in a public school and there's definitely no indoor basketball court to facilitate us. In addition with the Malaysia hot climate and average 35 degree celcius everyday, I have to go for practices sharp 12 in the afternoon under the bright hot sun. I can die of SKIN cancer any moment. This is not it, the worst is yet to come. The basketball season, somehow always fall on the hotter season ; March-May. That doubles up the sun radiation and dehydration on me. AND OH CONGRATULATIONS TO MYSELF ! I always end up suffering sun burn after the end of the season. Its not those OH-SUNBURN-ON-MY-SKIN-AFTER-TANNING-AN-HOUR-AT-THE-BEACH ! No, no, not that simple.

its more like this ;
ofcourse this isnt my back.

I doubt if anyone would want to see my suntanned face ! yeah something like above, maybe worse without those aloe vera gels and 10bottles of SUN SCREEN LOTION !


but hey hey ! stop right there, i found my solution ! What can i do without giving up my passion for the sport and yet have moist+vibrant+fair skin ?



The Brand New Line of Vaseline !

The Vaseline® journey started in 1859, when a 22 year-old chemist from Brooklyn, New York named Robert A. Chesebrough, went to Pennsylvania to investigate an oil well. It all started off back in 1859, and there goes the history until now. Vaseline is yet to bring us ladies more and more lotions that benefits us ! Girls, want some pretty skin ? Go grab a Vaseline at the nearest pharmacy ! Vasline definitely promise you not a single scratch on your skin even you have acrylic nails !

Are you guys curious about my moisture after hearing all the burns &tans & sun from above ? (:
Well, I think the strawberry has much more moisture than me !
*Oh ! some extra information for you people
This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Folate and Potassium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C and Manganese.

Strawberries are deifinitely good for our skin, *double thumbs up
nutritious berries !

ohwell, here it is
I dont think so, Im in desperate need of VASELINE ! Im doing this post with all my heart to grab myself a Vaseline hamper and cash$ to buy more Vaseline ! I dont want to look like a dried & wrinkled strawberry .

definitely NO.

Im writing this post regarding the Contest by Nuffnang ; click here to see the details of the contest ! Get yourself writing a blogpost about this and youre on your way to winning

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize - RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize - RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes - RM200 cash + Vaseline products

thats all about it, (:
a special thanks to `someone , without your idea I dont think im able to come up with this post and finish it during this holiday. i sincerely thank you here, x.

09 September 2010

la France oh la France !

bonjour là! (:
we're almost getting to the 2nd week of Raya Holidays already ! first & foremost, Selamat Hari Raya  !hmm, am pretty sure the Malays are busy with their preparations while the others are having a good time traveling around ? oh well lets take a look at mine !

i know trials is awaiting at the corner already, but nerd not me !

it was 2days back when everyone in the house were having a good sleep, daddy rang mom in the morning. he wanted to bring us up to StrawberryFarm @ GentingHighland ! oh you do know i love strawberries dont you ? so im the first one to jump of the bed, dashed to the toilet and get ready. daddy came home, picked us and the journey begins ! uhm, as usual i PIG in the car all the way up the hill. heh and by the time i woke up, i wasnt at the place im supposed to be. i see no Strawberries ! i see no farm ! in fact i saw France's flag ! accueillir ! ; which means welcome in french* very shocking indeed, disappointment floods me, drained me down in despair, i weep to myself silently. NOT ! nothing gets me down so easily (;

we went all they way up, to dine a 12-bucks-hairband !

nah, im just joking. french dont servee hairbands for meals ! the family loves to dine, any food will do as long as its edible .

introducing you ,
the one & only man
moving on to,
the spoiled one
the youngest brat
and last but not least
yours truly, x !

what do we have in the french village ? or what we Malaysians call, Bukit Tinggi .
acrobat show, dont ask me why there's chinese culture in a french village.
limonade rose ; must try !
spaghetti de carbonara
chocolat Vienne
artistic ceiling 


and unwanted shirt, LOL.

oh well, seen enough ? there's more entertainment at this place, eg the japanese house, rabbit farm and etc etc. im gonna leave out the rest for yourself to explore more! havent been to this place ? get a ride up there but one day trip will do because you can tour the whole place in just one day (:

ending this post with,
epic, yeah i know.

that sums it all up, appréciez lire !

dites merci et au revoir!

04 September 2010


can be defined as

  1. Lightness of spirits or mood; gaiety or joy: a happy tune, full of cheer. 
  2. A source of joy or happiness; a comfort.
  3. A shout of approval, encouragement, or congratulation. 
  4. A short, rehearsed jingle or phrase, shouted in unison by a squad of cheerleaders.
  5. Festive food and drink; refreshment.
what is your 'CHEER' ? (:
well, my cheer is way beyond all those definition above. i would say my cheer meant some kind of torture to me. well to those who know me well, instead of being the person cheering at the side of the basketball court whenever a point is scored, im the one in the court playing scoring points (: I DONT DO DANCING WELL ! oh well, WaimanLen no feminine type lady ! i bet everybody, at least EVERY LIVING ORGANISM IN MY SCHOOL knows i play basketball and im TOUGH kinda girl. HOWEVER, to my least expect i was selected as the Cheer Captain for RedHouse year 2010. first thought that striked me was 'OMFG WHAT YOU GOT THE WRONG PERSON REDHSE ARE GONNE REGRET I DONT WANT THIS I WANNA RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW' but YEAH you cant run away in a middle of something and there goes i end up as the 'CHEERCAPT'


i had trouble seeking for cheerleader (yes i know alot of ppl out there hates me but i dont give a damn), searching for dance moves (COS I DONT KNOW HOW TO DANCE I TOLD CHA !) and etc etc . and what i hated most did happened, GOSSIPGIRLS situation. i bet ya all know what im saying right ? (;

okay moving on, for the fact im not a HOT LOOKING GIRL WITH AWESOME HOT BOD like thiss >>

i pretty much dont give much good image to PEOPLE out there lol. some were like 'WHAT WAIMAN YOU CHEERLEADER AH ? OMG' NEVERMIND I UNDERSTAND TO THE MAX (: apart from this issue, i faced many many problems more. pressure from teacher, mom, members and being a senior with tons of work, competitions, extra classes & everything.

i oftenly end up ZZZ-ing in class.

BUT afterall, being a Cheerleader isnt that bad lah. All I can say is I'VE SEEN HOW I WAIMANLEN AS A CHEERLEADER . no regrets, BUT HEY CHEERLEADER NO MORE !

oh oh btw, credits to ; Leaw Lee Shen
his artwork deserves a Buttcrack (Y)

thats bout it, small inspiration stroke me so i came up with this (: 
WaimanLen, x


29 August 2010

running out of breath

hmm, just to freshen up my day alil (:

pre-trials started last week. and tmr's the last paper, BIOLOGY which i goddamnloveitsomuch :D well, the past week was like hell, lack of slumber time. pimples growing & popping like nobody's business. and honestly, i did well in none of the papers. like seriously the questions are effingly easy and yet I as a FORM5 student couldnt answer it.

Literature ; The Sound Machine
Q : What is the doctor's name ?
       *stares & go blank* *tgk sebelah* *psst psst !* ohhh...
A : Dr.Scott

wtf -_-'' i srsly srsly srsly cannot accept myself for not being able to answer that question. TRIALS is less than a month time ? woahh, gotta buckle up man.

and recently my twitter addiction is growing like like like A PIMPLE ON YOUR NOSE . i tweet like 24/7 my phone stuck in my hands with an elephant glueee . i wanna smash my phone into 19320942895842959258247985 PIECES . really ...... NOT .

neways, gtg !
kthxbai, waimanL.

11 August 2010

amioraminot ?

(via thesexkitten)

 Am i ? or am i NOT (: figure it out

whats around the corner ? *flips planner* *GASPS* trials awaiting !
trials on 29th of Sept, but before that school's having Intervensi 2 on 23rd this month which means ... *counts fingers* oh 12days more. how can i get all 9SUBJECTS done by 1week +

signing off, xo.

18 July 2010



I love to touch my MOM'S HEART (:

why say so ? IT MAKES SENSE, IM SERIOUS. in order to get my hands on those TouchScreenPhones, the very first obstacle i have to get through is MY MOM. you know, parents nowadays are those youngster's 'portable bank' . you get what i mean. i have to act like Mommy's Girl. CLEAN THE HOUSE, COOK THE MEAL, WASH THE CAR, ETC ETC so that she'll grant me my TINY LIL WISH. without them, we couldnt live a day any longer especially when we head to the mall with BIG HUGE BANNER'S PRINTED ' HOT CRAZY SALES ' well, i aint talking bout clothes & fashion accessories only. GADGETS & ELECTRONICS CAN BE ON SALES TOO (: yeah those shopaholics out there knows it all .

just like Isla Fisher in the confession of a shopaholic. CONFESSION OF A TECH-A-HOLIC perhaps ?


simply because with the high technology in this 21st century and smart ass ppl who can turn something as simple as dialing the keypad to make a phone call into something totally different and appealing from every aspect. SIMPLIFYING IT, a phone which DOES-IT-ALL.

eg. IPHONE by Steve Jobs.

this is the IT PHONE, everyone longs for this piece of metal, yeah i meant EVERYONE ; babies included. who knows SteveJobs will create an IBabyPhone soon ? baby needs touch screen phones more than we do because they still have tiny lil fingers and they dont have enough strength to PRESS THE KEYPAD :D
I THINK IM DRAGGING THINGS ALIL TOO FAR ? lets get back to the main poinnt.

The reason why i LOVE touch screen phones is ;

im using iphone myself, so i have to say Apple's apps store is simply INCREDIBLE.
you can get yourself connected to which ever website and social networks you want.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MSN
  • Tumblr
  • Blogspot
  • Foursquare
and the list goes on ... on the other hand, you can also enjoy yourself by playing games.
The phone can get you stuck in the same position with its addictive games where you try to beat the high score.

EG ; milk the cow. YEAH YOU HAVE TO MILK IT LIKE RUB RUB RUB RUB :D LOL isnt it awesome ? this isnt the only game, there's also PEE-ING game, SHITTING GAME and many many more. i seriously couldnt list it all out and talk bout it all. if i were to do so my blogpost would be endless.

Frankly, Touch Screen Phones are more like an entertainment phone rather than a practical one. But TSP makes us human look so cool because we dont need to freaking PRESS THE BUTTONS WHICH SOMETIMES CAUSES TYPO ERROR. haha, agree much ?

well, thats about it, if i were to continue writing this post, it would be endless (: now you know why TouchScreenPhones are ideal phones ! GO GET YOURSELF ONE NOW IF YOU DONT HAVE. doesnt have to be Iphone. Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and many more brands are producing nice yet affordable TouchScreenPhones.

Just Like

09 July 2010

Twenty10 ; picture perfect memories.

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Twenty10 ; picture perfect memories.

January ;
  • back to school, SeniorYear !
  • selected as CHEER CAPTAIN ; RED HOUSE 2010
  • celebrated our all mighty Joee's 17th ! (:
  • Intervensi 1
February ;
  • VI treasure hunt
  • celebrated ChinseNewYear with family & friends (:
  • Benjamin's 17th.
March ;
  • celebrated Venna's <3 17th
  • a tour to Taylors Lakeside UniCol
  • SPORTS DAY, i ran & danced. and my cheersquad achieved secondplace :D
  • celebrated WingSing's 17th !
  • KL TOWERTHON was awesome ? yeah running kltower's staircase aint easy
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Mommy & Grannypie's Big Day 
April ;
  • my Swift was brought homee (:
  • Basketball Zon Bangsar
  • my Funding Project!
May ;
  • Larian Bombaaa
  • Class photography session
  • Youth '10
June ; 
  • School Holidays ! PD trip with Loves,xx.
  • College In One Day experience was the Bomb
  • hangout sessions with Frieendss <33
  • Larian Saujana
well, whaaat a productive year ! beingg a senior mar, no choice lar. HAHA. after spending the first half of my year with activities & outings i do think its time for me to settle down and do some serious business here.  SPM is like in a month time ? im not Exaggerating kay. Lets see, deduct the time of sleeping, eating, shower, shitting, slacking, fb-ing and all other tons of rubbish things. I ONLY HAVE 1MONTH LEFT TO GET MYSELF PREPARED FOR SPM. what are you waiting for LENWAIMAN. yeah its time to wake up and stop all the nonesense already, or else imma gonna regret hell alot when i return to school for my result. wouldnt wanna disappoint myself & also my parents.

time to go, x

greetings, xx.

heyy there. today's 9th of July already ? time flies.

well, as you can see i've changed my blog's layout. im tryingg very hard to regain my blogging mojo, which apparently isnt back yet. soooo, nevermind. i hope there's still someone out there reading my blog ): because my blog's statistics are so freaking darn low. 

might edit this post with pictures and a brief description of what ive done throughout the past halfyear. (:

yourstruly, waimanlen.

30 June 2010

blogging through mobile is an all new experience.

anyways its the last day of June already. moving into a new month again. its getting near & near & yet i have not get myself prepared at all. recently, ive been slacking very much. like serious kind of slacking. dont ask me, i just dont feel like studying anymore ): but there's no way for me to skip SPM so i'll just bear with this a few more
months & try not to disappoint my parents. they put high hopes on me (:

iloveyou kay. i love everyone around me. <3