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14 December 2012

Las Vacas

BONJOUR ! ca va bien ? :D Aujourd'hui, c'est vendredi ! Examen final est pour bientôt ! 

before i start off with my intense revision, just a short post. and yes its about the Big boy's third birthday dinner ! :D its on Mr & Mrs Choong's treat this time. Went Las Vacas @ Montkiara for the beef ! BEEFITUP :> totally forgetten what they have in the menu. but as far as i rmb it was all beef. 

casual ambience, simple food, great taste. :) you can choose to dine in or take away. if youre a good coook you can always get it from the butchery section and beefitup at home !

cant recall the price of all the dishes we had but for starter we had Beef Wrap which was purely orgasm in mouth ! too good to miss out ! didnt have a picture of it because we were too hungry. haha, but its one of the recommended dishes so do order it if youre trying lasvacas

australian grass-fed tenderloin 
boyf & xg's choice*

australian grass-fed rib-eye
sc's & my choice*

they serve by grams, suitable for everyone. price is charged per gram ! love the concept. perfect for people like me and the boyf. haha :p las vacas closes at 10.30pm and we wanted to chitchat for a longer while so we moved to BaskinRobbins next door and i couldnt resist the waffle sundae so i order this.... 

 nyumss ! 

 with the one and only. didnt have much picture. yes rare for me to not take pictures right. because for the very first time, i managed to be under-dressed and this girl here over-dressed. :( i dnt knw why this would happen. NO IDEA ! :( :( :( :( :( felt so uneasy the wholeenight because the couple dressed up so nicely for the bf's dinner and i jst had something casual on :( 

ohyeap, we wore our Timberland already ! :D super comfy, love it  :D

merci for reading ! :) au revoir ! x

06 December 2012

Boyfriend's bigday :)

BONJOUR ! comment vous vous appelez  ?
:D mia for quite a while, promised to talk about my 5-days-birthday-celebration but with all the assignments deadlines and stuffs flooding me non-stop i really couldnt do so. so now its the revision week with Finals left, ONLY 21DAYS LEFT OMG I SHOULD REALLY START STUDYING OR ELSE I WONT BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH MY GPA. 

so before i have too much to write and i will end up writing nothing, i want to spend some space here for my lengzai (yes im like older than him a month+ and Navina had to name me a cougar for that -..-) LOL, its okay. mentally i am like a 7year-old kid so its ok its ok ITS OK ITS OK ITTSSSS OKKKKK

so waiman being waiman, i arranged a pre-birthday dinner for B and then planned to surprise him with a birthday cake.  
a very nice picture to start off with. yes he even looks younger than me -_- but but ITS OKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!


OKAY, i wanna declare. im not a very much good cook. soooo... actually the birthdayboy prepared all this. i was just a kitchen helper. ..... ... .. but nevermind lar ok, i will learn. i promised. :p

mommy sponsored ! was supposed to be a ssurprise but my mom forever cannot keep her mouth tight so there's no surpriuse :(  but glad the cheeky boy was happy tho. dont ask me why its a christmas cake, its just my mom being herself ><


mom's present to him. glad he loved it. SUPER LOVE TIMBERLAND. you can fully customize your own boat shoes ! there are various types of customize-able shoes, you just need to head on to to trying customizing it. when you are satisfied with your design, you can just print it out and hand it to the staffs in timberland shop and make payment ! fully handmade from USA. free shipping ! flat price for all designs. women's and men's both available ! :D 

jeng jeng. wasnt expecting to get him a watch actually cos i got him one last year. BUTHEN, we have decided to throw THAT SEIKO WATCH away because we found out it was a gift from SOME UNWANTED PERSON and hence, the AX watch. *purse bleeding dramatically* :'( 

so on the 5th of december... 

yeah so this time, cannot buy from bakery mar. must ownself bake mar. only sincere enough mar. :p 

SO I MADE THE VERY FAMOUS KITKAT X M&Ms CAKE ! cos he likes both chocolates. 

 nice or not nice or not ! 
thankyou all who helped especially miss xg, le mom & sis. haha and mr.choon also ! without all the help im am prettty sure the bf wont have another cake to blow on the 5th ! :x 

so we went for a dinner on the 5th. first time trying ocean shabushabu. THIS IS SOME AWESOME STEAMBOAT. authentic hongkong style !   mad love. makes me miss hongkong all of a sudden :( 

it is located at Taman Mayang. there's another branch at Seri Petaling. must try !!!!! the owner's name damn funny haha POPEYE.

forgot what this is, some organic blablabla but it tastes cute haha. 

made the cake for him & his family. but now it seems... like more for him and my doggie LOL. hahaha. its okay lar. as long as he's happy :) 


THATS ALL ABOUT IT ! gonna head to Las Vacas for dinner at MontKiara tonight. xuegie & the bf's treat :D THANKYOU EHEH.