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29 February 2012


29Feb, Noon ; Living room. Got my lunch done an hour ago. Being a potato couch like usual, so decided to do some typing at this hour. :]

 - Last Saturday ; 25th. Been planning an outing since forever w the girls ever since we finished our foundation year. hadn't really been hanging out w em. So finally we all (Xuegie, YeanWearn, Hwawee) except for Navina made it to meet up and do some catch up with each other. Decided on Levain during the lunch hour. wasnt really packed, but was quite a number of people there when we reached. 

As soon as we settled down for a table downstairs, we went down to order food. i got myself a potato salad and a meatball bread while the others took some breads and a meatball spaghetti. 

*poor image quality, blame the ip3gs :x

Meatballl Spaghetti ; around rm10-20+ plus if im not wrong
they have a wide variety of bread, *thumbs up for the meatball bread (rm4.50)
potato salad ! (rm5.90)

MY FAV MACAROONS ! the boyf love to come all the way to Levain and buy me macaroons as a surprise :3 <3
us girls ! *pic from yeanwearn
from left to right - Yeanwearn;Xuegie;Hwawee;Me
*pic from xuegie

After the catch up session @Levain, the boyf came to pick me up & we went to Pav for dinner. Decided to dine @Suki-ya . Its Shabu Shabu buffet. rm49.90 per pax if not mistaken. Its really affordable and worth the money ! Unlimited meat supply (beef,chicken,lamb) and they have a Healthy Bar ! The healthy bar consists of all kinds of vege & mushrooms ! :D my favourite. Shiitake mushroom, enoki, tofu,, egg, vege and etc etc. didnt get a chance to take a good pic of the place and all that, but will try IF i were to go again the next time. Highly recommended if you can eat unlimitedly ! 2hours limit fr you to eat all you can (:

Alright, enough for food ! HAHA.
just a small reminder, eating healthy and right can also help in slimming down (:

26 February 2012

Get fit, no ?

Sunday, 2:20pm ; Living Room. Lazy Sunday, nothing much to do, left alone at home so i decided to do some blogging.

So, 4days ago...
                  As usual, me was complaining how fat i am, how hard it is to slimdown, workout eat less & etc etc. its like, my habit to complain "IM FAT" so then someone replied to my tweet, i dont know who he/she is. just some random follower of mine, and tweeted -

 The Best Way to Burn Fat – Discover Hidden Techniques for Losing Weight

Read more:


ANYWAYS, click the link and read up. You can always find on youtube for videos of Circuit Training or Interval Training as it is known as Fat-consuming-workout. LIKE LITERALLY ALL THE FATS IN YOUR BODY BEING EATEN UP ALIVE BY THE WORKOUTS. #LOL 

ive found a few videos, and its all 10mins/workout. effective, fat burning and energetic yet simple workouts. it requires nothing but a laptop and an open space indoor to carry out. hassle-free ! dont need you to dress up, wear shoes, get out of the house, to the gym and all that. jst in your tee and shorts in the living room working out all the way !


22 February 2012


- SO, sunny noon. 3.06pm. in the living room, on mtv. had most of my chores done already. so decided to blog for abit since ive done everything that i should. (yeah im like the maid full time maid of the family now cos i get paid) the boyf is busy with work, so i had no nonsense to crap. just sulking on the couch.


haha, what was all the hype about him lately ? even people who know nothing about basketball or neither do they watch bball talks about it. YEAH okay, he has got some fire with ball. lowest score 20points with countless number of assists. FANTASTIC JOB. #asianswag HAHA, im chinese too. jst Malaysian chinese while he's Taiwan Chinese. makes no difference yawwww. \^____^/ 

the game against Mavs. 28points, 15 assists. FULL HIGHLIGHTS. SLICKK MOVEEE. everyone going outrageous and hyped out bout him. no doubt, ONE MAN SHOW cant gain victory in all the games #IMPOSSIBRUUU.  when expectation meets reality -> KNICKS lost to NETS. haha, nawww dont be sad LINNNN. soon you'll be paid to play for other teams or whatever. all that could possibly happen with money and games. okay JKJK. anyway, cant wait to watch HEAT VS. KNICKS. this is some real shit, worth watching the whole game. no, i dont fancy NBA, no hardcore or die hard fan. but i dont mind spending 4quarters time watching this match #forthefirsttime



okay im done. kbye ! x

16 February 2012

V&apos;s Day ?

2days ago ...

; was kinda excited for Valentine's day. because first time im celebrating it with ONE person. instead of my family haha. so i had thoughts and ideas a month ago. thinking of what to buy and what to do and all that sort of typical stuff that couples would do for each other on Valentine's Day. so finally until the very last minute I have decided to ...


COOK ! haha, it would be more agreeable to say i CAN bake rather than i can COOK. but hey ! i did it ok ! nothing is #impossibruuu

having some hard time getting all the heart shape out altho i had a mould to help me. but the outcome was pretty impressive. cos it didnt look THAT bad afterall. my feedback was - '' thankyou, it tastes good. love it ! BUT.... the beef was too hard to chew on so i had to SWALLOW it. '' -_- im sorry i tortured you, its supposed to be a hearty meal but you had to swallow the beef. 

i doubt i have the guts to taste what i cooked myself. judging by the look of the beef, C M I ! ~_~

im really concerned with the packaging of stuffs of i do, so the outer looks better than the inner. HAHA. and i provide good delivery service. DELIVERED RIGHT TO THE DOOR STEP ! 

and also, prepared something small for him when he took me out for dinner after work. 

printed photos & framed it. I DIY-ed my own photo ! or card i suppose. I call it ''PHOTOCARD'' lol
did it on its really easyy. 
haha cute mugs i found ! 

ZEBRA PRINT DRESS. *stolen from le sis
no surprises, nothing. just a simple meal and movie with him at Sunway. always wanted to dine at Brussels Beer Cafe. so we got our chance that day. tried their best seller liese salad (forgot how they spell it but they pronounce it as "lis") and their choclate brownies ! Boyf ordered Salmon because i love salmon. HAHA so he feed me more cos he thinks salad is not enough. overall, the food they have is above average. dined in many German cuisines, i think Belgian cuisines are acceptable too ! (: 

you, im really bad with editing and all that especially cute stuff (like this pic above) but couldnt resist all the apps and cute cartoons they have. so i hand itchy go play play.

I just want to say that although there's no surprises, no gifts, flowers, teddybears, chocolates or whatsoever, i dont mind. as long as youre with me, more than enough :] everything that you do for me on ordinary days and stuffs that you buy for me randomly is good enough. thankyou B ! work hard, you told me one day you'll appear at my front door with the RED CAR to pick me up. i'll be anticipating that day (: 

xx <3 ily.

15 February 2012

Hello 2012 !

been a month plus since it hit twentytwelve ! havent really been blogging. in fact i almost forgot about my blog's existence. been contemplating to come up with posts but everytime i had an excuse fr myself to nt turn on my laptop and write.

then i remember i can actually access my blog via the blogger app on iphone. so i logged in (took me long enough to guess my own pw,lol) so here i am now ! tapping on my screeeeen finally doing some writing. yes im on a HUGE BREAK Nw. waiting for my degree to strt. enrolled in IBM. hopefully i made te right choice. lol, this choice of mine is not cheap. *yaoming.jpg

had a simple Valentine's fr the very first time yesterdayy. yes, no more #foreveralone. cant troll about myself anymore. #megusta or #no me gusta ? HAHA lame.

okay thats about it. will try post more since i spend most of my time at home ( or with my phone specifically ) :) !

sign off.