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25 September 2012

today marks the 9th month !

HongKong Disneyland ! 

yes, a picture of us in Disneyland again. more to come lol ! i have gazillion of pictures in my laptop all from disneyland ! missing the moment so muchhhh :( wish i could turn back time and go there again ! so much fun, promise to be back again ! *when i have the money lol* 

reason for posting today ; YES TODAY IS THE 25TH, AGAIN ! HAPPY 9MONTHS BABY :* ILUBYOUUUUUUUU ! :D 

3more months until our 1st year anniversary and a month less until my birthday ! have no idea what to do on my birthday but its okay ! gotta lose some fats first before the 19th ! k anyway, we have many many more months to go ok ! wish ourselves luck in everything we do 


25/9 xx bonne nuit.

23 September 2012


Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park :D
When life gives you a reason to cry, make a thousand reasons to smile :)

happy sunday ! no monday blues to all of ya ! x

22 September 2012

Wishlist #3

; desperately needa change my purse. :( wanted to get a new one during my Hk trip but i was too choosy so i ended up with nothing home !

Burberry's Smoked Check Continental ID Wallet !

20 September 2012

Thursday !

fatty girlfriend with the boyfriend @ HongKong Disneyland 

; HELLO, ITS THURSDAY AGAIN :D time is ticking faster and faster and i guess the earth is spinning quicker too lol. hectic hectic days with lectures tutorials and assignments ! :( lets just hope i can get over and done with this semester smoothly *prays hard*

so today's 20th ! another day closer to my final teen year ! *excites* or maybe not lol. so here's another update for ma #wishlist2012

wait for it....



waitttttttttttttt forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt .........

TADA ! been dying to get this, not because i dont have one -_- its because mine is too antique. 7years old already my instax mini 7s. so much problems with the camera and the film gets stuck inside -____- and there goes my films. been wasting films alot. CANNOT TAKE IT *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* so so yeah, its about time :P hehe

till then, merci ! x

19 September 2012

wishlist 2012 #1


First to be on my wishlist this year :D

wanted to get it from HongKong one but stupid AirAsia flight reached 1 hour earlier, i had no chance to do my final splurge there. ):

- Hollywood Hotel HK Disneyland

thankyou for reading, Merci ! :) and bonne nuit x

16 September 2012


; last sem break. Genting Highland Theme Park.

Top : Denim Jacket from Pull&Bear
Graphic Top from Bershka
Bottom : Jeans from H&M

15 September 2012

je suis désolé(e)

; je ne comprends pas, je ne sais pas. je ne suis pa bien.

Suis-je trop ridicule?

bonne nuit, xx.

12 September 2012

Addiction #1

; current addiction. How can she be so perfect D: Going head over heels for Son Yeon Jae

05 September 2012

Hong Kong 2012.

; more trips like this i wish for. We must work for our dreams. To chase and to achieve. You came into my life and things start to change. My life may not be as perfect as others' but i definitely have what others dont have.

- Hong Kong Ocean Park