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23 October 2013

Birthday Dinner @ Lafite, ShangriLa Hotel.

19th October 2013/ Saturday.

of course this is not my first celebration but i just can't wait to write up about my once a year fine dining night. :D

It was supposed to be at Cilantro but unfortunately they were closed on 19th night for a private event so I went for the second option; Lafite. October is the month MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) so they had a special pre set menu with either 3 or 6 courses and you can opt to go with or without wine.

Thank You for the lovely night image image image image

I told him not to get me any flowers anymore because I hate seeing those lovely flowers wilt and I have to force myself to dump it into the rubbish bin, so he came up with this. HOW AM I GOING TO FINISH THIS BOUQUET OF FERRERO ROCHER ! へ(゜∇、°)へ

Thank you for getting me something that I have wanted for a long time agooooooooooooo. It was indeed a big surprise. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥

As usual, his first choice would definitely be white wine, 2011 RUFFINO. Up to par, worth the price we paid for. 
Orviéto Classico, Grechetto/Procanico, Umbria 2011
"At the palate firstly stands out an excellent freshness, well balanced by a pleasant roundness, featured by notes of meadow flowers and golden apples. The aftertaste is long and fragrant, with hits of fresh almond."

We started off with Asparagus soup and complimentary bread like what every other French cuisine offers. 

And here goes my Cold Appetiser ! I ordered their signature;
Grilled Duck Liver Terrine,
Dry Fruit Chutney and Warm Corn Brioche 
La Terrine de Foie Gras de Canard Grillé,
Chutney de Fruits Secs et Brioche Tiède au Mais 

Boyf's Cold Appetizer 
Seabass and Oyster Tartar with Caviar,
Tomato Vinaigrette and Beetroot Coulis 
Le Tartare de Bar et d’ Huître, Caviar,
Vinaigrette de Tomate et Coulis de Betterave

The fish was cold and RAW. haha, raw seabass. heavy scent of raw fish so if youre not a big fan of RAW items pleaseeee, DONT !

It is one of Lafite's signature but they had it altered a little by changing the Duck Liver to Scallop because it was in the special menu for MIGF ! super yums and the texture of soup was thick enough to fill your mouth with its taste but it doens't block out the taste of the scallop ! MAJOR THUMBSUP
This dish is not available in the ala carte menu but you can opt for smtg similar in the menu;-
Porcini Soup with Pan-fried Duck Liver,
Garlic Cream and Parsley Coulis
La Soupe de Cèpes et l’ Escalope de Foie Gras de Canard Poêlée,
Crème d’ Ail et Coulis de Persil 

nom nom my night away ! 

Another signature under the Fish and Seafood course ! The potato cream is super potato ! This is a must try!
Whole Dover Sole Grenobloise with Potato Cream,
Fresh Spinach and Seaweed Butter 
La Sole Entière Rôtie à la Grenobloise, Crème de Pomme de Terre,
Epinards Frais et Beurre aux Algues 

I highly recommend THIS if you are someone with big appetite ! Normally by the end of the night till the last dish was savoured, we would still feel the emptiness in our gigantic stomach but if you have this dish in your one of your courses then fret not ! :D trust me you wouldn't be disappointed. 
WHAT IS IN THIS PLATE ? Wagyu beef + Duck liver + Potato dough + Carrot ! because it was in the MIGF menu, the ingredients in this dish varies slightly as compared to the one ordered in alacarte  menu. 
Under Meat and Poultry; also a signature of Lafite !
Wagyu Beef Tournedos Rossini with Truffle Reduction,
Pommes Dauphine and Sautéed Cepes Mushrooms 
Le Tournedos de Boeuf Wagyu Rossini, Réduction de Jus de Truffe,
Pommes Dauphine et Cépes Poêlès 

jeng jeng, my choice of main dish for the night ! i love love love scallops 
ordered this under the alacarte menu, so you know wht to expect if youre ordering this :) 
Roasted Hokkaido Scallops on Potato Galette
with White Wine Sauce, Mussels and Spring Vegetables 
Les Coquilles Saint Jacques D’ Hokkaido Rôties,
Galette de Pomme de Terre, Sauce Diéppoise,
Moules et Légumes Primeurs 

taking our time enjoying each bite of our dish. and also snapping pictures non-stop ! too bad my camera was sent back to canon for repair so i couldnt bring it along with me :( iPhone camera will do, but if you prefer super good quality pictures for your night please please bring a good camera along with flash because the setting was really dim for the romantic atmosphere for couples !

happy boy when he can has wagyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu moooooooooo

i have nothing much to say about this.................... all i can say is if youre not a big fan of cheese or if you are, DO NOT ORDER THIS. unless youre a big fan of REAL CHEESE. the strong aroma of these REAL CHEESY CHEESE filled up the whole place. i couldnt even bare the strong smell of it. its still left untouched in my fridge >_> dont play play with french cheese zomg.
Assorted French Cheese from Mr Bordier RM45
 L’assortiment de Fromages de Mr Bordier

last but not least, DESSERT ! Definitely something that I have never tried before. i dont know how to explain this tho. Complicated yet simple. I can taste ice cream, jelly, fruits and cream. try it yourself if you want to know how all these things flow through your taste buds ! 
The Traditional French Peach Melba with Crispy Tuile and Caramelized Hazelnuts RM30
 La Traditionnelle Pêche Melba Tuile Croustillante et Noisettes Caramelisées 


AND FINALLY A TINY SURPRISE FROM THE FAT BOSS. i still remember the wish line from Frangipani last year was "Happy Birthday Ms. Len" and it sounded awkward. HAHAHA, thank you love. Special order cake, tastes superb. i dont know how much is this and what's the ingredient in this cake because i couldnt find it in the menu but I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT. I LOVEEEEEEE CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  imageimage image image image

OOTN image

OOTN  image image

image lovely birthday, thanks again for making my birthday another memorable one. I love you long time, xx. THANKS FOR READING YA ALL ! till then.