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21 October 2012


Bonjour; comment ca va ? :) ca va bien ! 

finally ended my birthday celebration today with a buffet hi-tea @ Hotel Equatorial w le fam today. thankyou daddy for the treat, :* 

it was 5 crazy days with different people, different food, different place, different surprises & present. i feel extremely loved ! still floating around in my dreamland haha. but tmr's monday :< nuu, im not ready to go back to reality yetz. 

promise to update real soon, must make sure each and every bit of my 19th birthday jotted down so i can always reminiscence about it :D as i said, i have never expected all these. never see all of these coming, and i sincerely am touched by all of you. SOMUCHLOVE thats why i got fat in short 5 days. gonna blog bout it real soon but right now i have 2 due dates to meet and i shall not procrastinate till the 11th minute like what i always do. -_- typical me ahha. 

au revoir, bonne nuit. je t'aime !

14 October 2012

excitement !

BONJOUR ! ; counting down to 5days until the 19th ! :D 

cant wait to meet up my best girl on Wednesday for a pre-birthday celebration :) gonna be real busy, starting from Wednesday. Continuously celebrating from Wednesday until Sunday. i just have to love everything i have in my life ! *spreadslove* 

spent a day searching high and low at Pavilion yesterday. H&M purely disappointing here in Malaysia *sighs. went home with practically nothing. :( I NEED MY BIRTHDAY DRESS ASAP ! 

a day more till im out of my diet and enjoy my birthday treats ! :D *excites* but yesterday was quite a torturing day. had to watch the boyfriend savouring all the food. **tip of the day; stay home and keep yourself busy at home to prevent cravings attack ! it works, and drink lotsa H20 if you feel slight hunger. curb that growl in your stomach ! 

my favourite xiao long bao @ Dragon-i. letting my strong willpower kickin'in lol

my fatty who is still thin altho he had gained weight -_- 
** tip 2; do something to distract yourself instead of watchin others eat HAHA.

definitely a con to have McD right outside your housing area. 

ok i have a story to tell. So once upon few months ago, i hinted the fatty to bring me to Marini's @57 for my birthday celebration. been dying to get up there for the view. and last week, i changed my mind. DUE TO SOME REASON, i didnt wanna go there for my birthday. at least not for this month. gonna force fatty to celebrate his birthday there then ! and we found a place * incomparable to Marini's* but it still is a great dining place. not gonna reveal until the 19th itself. CHECK MY INSTAGRAM IF YOU'RE EAGER TO KNOW :D okay jst a hint- a fine dining restaurant; French fine dining :) my favourite. wasnt puttin any high expectation tot the ambiance but im lookin forward to their dishes and my birthday cake :) gonna blog about it. 

this is gonna be hell of a busy week. having Finance mid term test tmr and French the next day ! D: but its gonna be all about FUN FUN FUN starting from Wednesday ! 

thats all about it i guess, au revoir ! 

update soon, xo.

10 October 2012


Lovin' speedy 30 monogram !

Biggest birthday wishlist. Guess i gotta fulfill this one by myself D: or should i jst wait till i leave to UK to get it. :(

Mom's bowling monogram doesnt suit me. Cant steal hers to curb my temptation. *rants*

9days until my bigday :D *excites*

04 October 2012


Happy boy with his present ! Missyou ):

Advanced Birthday Present 2012.

out of the blue, suddenly, for no reason, that fat boy needs a watch. HAHA, A BRAND NEW ONE ALL SPONSORED BY ME :p *theres a story behind this, ok thanks bye*
so, got him this. yes, as an advanced birthday present this year :D glad to see that he loves it so much. *love*

anyways, were trynna get some stuff done yesterday and somehow we ended up looking around for his ideal watch for daily wear. i have to say Armani Exchange always have one of the best classical yet sporty kind of watch.Good quality, long lasting and durable. I have one Armani too, lemme show ya ! 

k, so momsy got me this last year, as my birthday present. it is really pretty, and i love the swarovski stone details but one flaw about this is that the stones drop very often. They only provide 7 stone replacements and by the time you have finished up 7stones, you will have to py for it. So far i've replaced 2 and thne another 2 fell off again. Too lazy to go all the way to Pavilion to get it replaced plus it takes around 1month or so to get all the process done so yeah :O troublesome much *grumbles* so if you love watches like this, better you opt for a better quality one to prevent all the troubles!

i always have a thing for time pieces. not to say obsessed but i love watches. i still keep my old ones ; digital to classic and all kinds ! whatever you can name it ! :D ahahahahah, jeng jeng while searching for his ideal watch, i spotted mine too. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OMG. i took it off and put it on for over 10times. really had the urge to swipe my card and bring it home -_- but ofcourse i cant, because im the type that does critical thinking before making my final decision. so let me show you who caught me off guard.

Michael Kors Michael KorsOversize Golden Stainless Steel Lexington Chronograph Watch

yes, MICHAEL KORS. nuff' said. lovin' it to bits. but RM999 for this. still in consideration tho :( obviously everything is much more expensive in malaysia due to the imposed tax. how i wish i can always hop around from country to country just for shopping -_- FTW ! HAAHAH, ok anyways. yes this is on my wishlist. will decide on what to get for myself as present this year soon enough ! :D *excites* hehehheheeh.

- thts about it ! have a great day everyone. assignment due date tmr, hopefully i do well, fingers crossed. x

au revoir ! bonne nuit.

01 October 2012

Welcome, October !

rararara, no Monday blues ! *i wish lol, anyways, hectic & busy week ahead ! 2 assignments deadline soon, 2 online quizzes ! :( OSK investment challenge up soon ! will try to blog about it after i start the game. kinda nervous, game starts tomorrow, gotta do more researches on the stocks and market ! :o and and boyfriend leaving to Dubai on thursday ! :'( EMO MAX, HOW CAN FOREVER ALONE FOR SO MANY DAYS ! not a very relaxing kick-off for October ! 

18days until my BIG DAY ! :D excites* gotta hardcore diet, hardcore workout, hardcore study. -_- *faints* 

anyways, today i wanna show the next item in my wishlist ! :P

new cameras, casio exilim ! stylish cameras ! would love to get myself one of these !

review from blogger, Isabella Kuan ! visit her blog to check out her pictures captured by EX-N10 ! love love love her pictures, so pretty ! 

i love both pink and white from EX-JE10 and EX-N10 ! :D 

alright time to go, au revoir ! gotta rush asssignmentt :P