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18 July 2009

199 <3

`eyh, xuegie & waiman tunngu sekejap.. jgn balik kelas dulu !`

i look at gie, gie look at me.ZOMGWTF ! and now both of us ended up going to petroscience on monday with jason & mengleong D: resulted from our dumbness for not finding out what`s the activity that's supposed to be held at petroscience. lawl. clever much ?

its frigging peaceful on the net now !
guess everyone's @ BJ watching MU now ):

17 July 2009

# 198th

its almost reaching 200 posts & do roflmao bcoz i didnt realize that ive even passed my 100th post ! im just simply pathetic rite ? lawl. as days are passing by like a speed of lightning, more & more hectic days are zapping thru me. i might just got striked one day and die infront of you. lawl. awesome imagination ive got harha. and forgive me ppl for making promises that cant be done. i guess i dont have the mojo to talk bout the McD run & cochrane's campfire already. so be smart ppl ! click here to find out about it. daymn` im always taking advantages of gie`s blog. harhaa. i always link her for the posts she made & sometimes even copy paster her post without permission & oftenly use her copy-righted words. lawl ! forgive me gie. coz im lazy ;D
cant i just rub it off ?

  1. today` yiwei's birthday
  2. 18th` st.john campfire
  3. 18th` rotarians' installation
  4. 18th` MU match!
  5. 19th` sharon's sweet 16
  6. 20th` petroscience
  7. 24th` second test
  8. 25th` talenthunt
see ? ! ? ! ? !
its all fully packed. i havent even gotten a chance to insert my tuition classes
and my trainings. *gaaaaah pity me much !

but i aint the only with such packed days larh, i understand kids nowadays,
LAWL. *talking like an adult*

owhkay larh. thats all i wanted to say. just a random post here
and ive decided not to go out to celebrate for yiwei's birthday bcoz i sense a feeling of hate towards him !



12 July 2009


`yet, i brought home another medal`

will update sometime bout campfire & mdonald run

exhausted waiman needs some rest

10 July 2009


great, i screwed things up when im trying to help

conclusion : never try to help, it owhkay to be selfish

i learned my lesson & dont blame me when im being selfish


damn, my blog look freaking pathetic
have no idea how to spice it up at all.

having such a`fantastic` days at school
repeating every `awesome` day
looking at all the `incredible` teachers' face

pray to god i wont suffocate and just collapse at school
which definitely will make jason & andrew they all

  • cochrane's campfire - 11th of july
  • mcdonald's olympic day run - 12th of july
  • replacement classes - 11th of july

damn, i skip camb just to go to cochrane`s campfire & watch hot hunks !

07 July 2009

a love shape labelled:
`im available ! take me away !`
stuck on my blouse`s pocket for the day

big big credit goes to xuegie tee
for giving me the dare thang
now i ended up being referred as

the desperate girl


*banging head on the wall*

what on earth has she done to me ?

revenge on thrusday !
rawr !


05 July 2009

McD, im ❤-ing it

*gasp !*

totally forgotten next week's mcdonald olympic day run !
mygoshhhh, not in the mode of running. *gaaah
save me ppl !

oh momma

mom burned the siew pao in microwave oven ! x)
mygod. damn pro weyh, she burn her breakfast !

a sunday ♥

first time in my life, waking up so early on a sunday
8.35 am sharp
*exceptional case when i have marathons to run la
then i quickly turn on my laptop & play CRAZY TAXI !
lawl, childish enough eyh ? x)

then went downstairs for my homework
awwww, such a good girl am i?
*eleh, pretend saje*

and now its 11 am, im still the one & only awaken :)
awesome family huh ?

*banging my head on the wall, failure in sejarah weyh

04 July 2009

krispy kreme is just yummylicious ;D

yesterday was kinda fun. took report card then headed to makan with mom. then at noon picked gie, carmen & choon kat gie's crib. then to mv meet up with minchun, ken & anni. went for ICE AGE 3 which was superb hilarious x) its a must watch movie ! i went off early bcause i have tuition at 5.30 :( how sad. then dad brought us for crabbie again :D

* a fishball burned my small thigh leaving a red spot on my thigh

perfect combination

i present you a combination of an enormous family !

the massive nasty dad

the pretending-not-to-be-old-mom

the pathetic child

the abnormal child

the massive nasty dad + the pretending not-to-be-old-mom
the pathetic child & the abnormal child

awesome kan ?

03 July 2009

bicara oh bicara

im back from bicara akedemik !
thank god hayati & fazira didnt talk bad bout me infront of my mom
it took about 5mins for the conver to last & im so freaking glad !
gosh, will edit this post when im free
hyper-ing now ;D

here i come mv !

02 July 2009

random ❤

credit goes to anni
;D she's my neighbour (in school)

be strong no matter what
take care coz i cant always be by your side

i know you're having a lot of trouble with your own stuff
so ya better take care ! dont fall sick (like i always do -__-)

❤ waiman :)

01 July 2009


practically skipped class whole day = ponteng sekolah
lawl. freaking fun weyh.
taking pics which i aint supposed to be in there :p
how fun. but there's only one worst part which is you have to go around
borrowing school shirt when you dont have one.
thank god the basketball club made it to take the picture -.-
and damn ! red house has no piala.
everyone asking ' eyh mana piala rumah merah? takde ke ?'
*slaps forehead*

iknowiknow. redhouse sucks except for
rawr ! the red devils !

gtg yamcha ady ! byeeee

hope he's not angry :(