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29 June 2009

monday is the day :)

ohmygod,i realised i'd said this phrase the whole day ! thanks to gie . her words keep running in my mind. dontknowwhy. myb because imm stuck with her the whole day. harhaa. today was practically awesome :D
want to know why ? let me cerita sikit. haah

the perhimpunan took quite a long time therefore went to pphhyiscs late & we've photography session there we leave physics early. going late + leaving early = learned nothing bout physic ;D chun rite

then ambil ambil gambar till 1st recess, lazy nak go up again therefore me&gie pergi rehat early :]
then makan ady teman itu girl to library for duty. oh! dan itu choonie :p
practically watched the 2 of them mainmain around at the library counter for the entire rehat.
*slaps head & close eyes* tak ada mata tengok !

then we practically skipped maths, sivik & bio. me & itu girl sat at the counter cutting out love shapes, folding love with $ & fool around la. then headed down to lab for bio. stayed there for a period, tak boleh tahan then went up to library.
mygod. we skipped all the subjects after rehat ! gie ! you made me a bad bad girl ! xp

this is my day :D
btw, itu athletetics tshirt dah habis :(
damn sad. lawl

28 June 2009


massive head-ache,

am i turning up at school tmr ?

*banging head on the wall*

26 June 2009

M.J ♥

when i was a kid,
i used to dance along with michaeljackson in front of the tv
wrap my fingers with papers like he did
do his famous ''wolf dance''

as an ex-fan of MichaelJackson
i pay my tribute to him.

continue pop-ing in heaven ya ! peace out.

''my mom got broke resulted from buying too much tissue paper for me to blow my nose off''

honey :D

A campfire

hye people.
just doing a short post here to inform you guys about a campfire @ st.john's

venue : smk st.john
date : 8th / 10th july *not confirmed yet
charges : 8-10 bucks
time : 7-10.30pm

well, according to my friend its superb awesomely fun
i dont know how true it is.
so anyone intersted just tel me ya. :D

offtobed *taken flu med ><
toodles !

25 June 2009


dont have the mojo to blog.
am sick :(
how am i gonna run this sat ?
GAAAAAH ! * bangs head on the wall *

seems like i always need help recently aite :\

21 June 2009

a hectic saturday

yesterday was owhkay overall
but the larian training part was AWFUL !
urgh. myGOD. i tried not to stop & keep my pace but i just gave up in the end.
=.= guess i dont have the semangat yesterday. but stil somehow i managed to finish the race
without being last & dats good enough. LAWL.

then i waited for my sister to finish her PANDU PUTERI MEETING which takes effing long time. bout 2.30 hours. want to know what i did for the 2.30 hours ? it praactically rained from 9.45-11+ and there's nothing i can do. so i sat at the field to watch azrul, laarh, mengkeong & some other saujanians in a match with some outsiders. they kept playing even though the rain got heavier time by time -.- dont they woried bout getting sick ? mengkeong kept asking me when im going back what im doing there & etc . i also dont know what to reply. LAWL. THE MATCH WAS AWESOME & the guys were really cool coz they played in the RAIN which pretty impressed me much. :] just love watching HAWT guys playing HAWT footballs in HAWT rain. xD

then mom picked us up & went to mcD. then i went home (without bathing) & slept at the couch till 2. mr.Lee reach at 2 & he saw me sleeping ! oh wthfeck. then i made him wait awhile & i went upstairs mandi lembu. then started our classs. then finish class i sleep again. then 4 wake up for cambridge then 6.30 reach home watch SPEED RACER and fell asleep again then go makan steamboat at 8 then fell asleep at grandma's again then went home & terus fell on the couch asleep while mom watchedd movie. LAWL.

i practically sleep & eat & tuition & so on....................
i even forgotten i had onlined & left my laptop on the dining table.
* and and and i didnt read annie's msg. just threw my phone aside. :(
cant make it to gie's for the egg thing.


20 June 2009

save the eggs or me ?

practically had a pathetic day kat school,
but overall waas fine coz me & annie went over to gie's for the molding of PRECIOUS EGG.
Lawl. the moment we start working on it i felt tired already. dont ask me why. idontknowtoo.

and i was like sitting down looking at them cutting - pasting - throwing - flying - hyperying
and all. harhaaaa. im doing NOTHING ! great eyhh. such a GOOD friend i am :D
we broke so many eggs that gie had to have an egg feast for dinner, SORRY auntie ! :p

pictures arent with me so please proceed to xuegie tee's blog ;
click here .

gotta head to bed,
larian saujana training tmr :)
pumping in my ipod with : HALO, Beyonce

18 June 2009

please SAVE me

im really having a hard time now. he just wont stop it. =.=
i cant stand it anymoreeeeeeeee. PLEASE !

BTW i wana make an announcement :



please. i dont think i can do much in this

effing hectic

lots of stuff have been bothering me even school hadn't started yet.

- ineedeverything -

currently working on ;

- my homeworks of course (im aiming for more A!)
- throw egg comp
- rocket comp
- harikoperasi stuff
- a basketball tournament-inter class in july
- interact stuff
- talent hunt
- begging coach to come back to us ;(
- larian saujana, siemens run , mcdonald run & adidas run
- ofcourse SLIM DOWN (i've always been doing this)

btw, really looking forward to smkp kuen cheng's IU Day! :D

im really exhausted. i need someone :(
give me a break, give me a KITKAT

15 June 2009


gotten my maths, sivik, pj, physics & last but not least BIO



OH my. thank god ! seriously , all tho im a free thinker ;D

btw, im online-ing without permission
dont worry. i wont get caught. coz im a PRO already! :D

14 June 2009

i just cant


tmr's school. how can i go back into that haunted hse ? i cant take it ! *arghhhhh*


random feeling again. bye. will MIA from tmr. ;(
good bye my love.

13 June 2009

Friday ❤

Venue : YMCA Hall
Event: SMK Desa Perdana's IU Day
Date: 12th June , Friday

Had pretty much fun. (coz its my 1st visit to IU day)
overall was great larh. the band, the sketch & the games.
Dont feel like elaborating
For more, visit gie's blog :
click here

pictures ; :]

credit goes to myself ;D
but there arent many pictures tho



gie & alex


i got the lucky draw ! :D
went back with annie. thanks to eugene's dad we went home safely. haha
then mom took me from petaling lrt station & headed to mill wheel.
i waited 1/2 hour for them to reach.
we have venna, ronnie, wing sing, yong jun & me
after mill wheel then went to bayan for basketball. suffered in the journey coz im in heels.
FYI. i wore the uniform & played basketball. HOW WEIRD -.-
everyone was like looking. then it rained & ronnie just abandoned us like that.
how cruel ! then walked to darling's crib. i even walked the road with my bare foot.
pretty much amazing eh. my feet's burning. made yongjun take me on his back but he dumb ass.
dont know how to do it. so he gave me his slippers :) thanks lots.

wing sing & venna's lil nephew

us :]

and again

look at my retarded face

blurrrrr -.-

yong jun * venna's ''bf''

* ehem ehem. its nothing :D


oh yeah oh yeah ! not to miss out !
dad brought us out for BAKED CHEESE CRABBIE !
but it used to be lobster ;(

12 June 2009

my day

Wednesday was plainly ohhkay ; practically went early to mamak with khai choong & went fer tuition later then. then went home & online.

Thursday was just simply awesome. too BAD there arent pictures ;(
morning mom took us to 1utama but went back early around 4. cause our GORGOR TEACHER is coming for tuition :( too bad. i bought a lil stuff ; an all new NIKE bottle ! and some basic cosmetic.
tuition ended around 7 then took bath and headed to nainas & yamcha with venna, ronnie, wing sing & yongjun. then got to speedmart & buy drinks. they decided to go play basketball at tempua. so follow lo. we reached there bout 9pm. we saw a group of SENIOR CITIZENS doind TAICHI. 0.0 fuiyooor. as you know, we're good girls & boys. so we sat at the playground and waited for them to finish. akan tetapi they macam tak habis habis main. the breeze & wind there was perfect & cooling. so we lepak and talked there til 10 and finally the senior citizens went off. very happily we skipped around the court & start fooling instead of playing bball. then calmed down & wana start our game. akan tetapi sekali lagi, something occured and stopped us from playing.


then mom took me home and i online-d for awhile. tried on my ''interact uniform'' and went to bed .

TADA. this is my thrusday :]

11 June 2009


its 4.39 now and im stil chatting with yong jun.
weird -.-


Photography Pictures, Images and Photos



Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

feel so effing pathetic now ,
randomness ;
things just start flashing across my mind ;
felt like getting choked by the air surrounding me
school's gonna start soon,
someone's angry at me,
darn desperate for something - which i dont know what is it,
receiving my mid-term result - which might cause me much NEGATIVE stuff,
many more
everything's like zip-zaping across my tiny mind & more are coming in !

arghhhhh ! what the heck is wrong with me !

btw this isn't an emo entry or whatver,
just that i need to let this burden get off my head,
at least a while ;(
i need someone ! HELP !

06 June 2009

Terminator Salvation

Tell you what. Terminator was superb ! fantastic ! awesome !
and all the positive adjectives that i could think of.
Better go watch it before you miss it. :D

*ps: i almost fell for christian bale & sam worthington (not sure bout the spelling. heh )
although they're alil too old for me ! ;D

05 June 2009

who knows?

after yesterday, i realised things just go naturally.
no plan, no skills, no tactics needed.
if its yours, it is. It will still come no matter what.


04 June 2009

hello ❤

still small kah?

camwhored a lil while waiting :D

my all new NIKE tee :D *hearts hearts hearts !

then we went to ronnie's hse & we spotted ALOT of these ;D
i got hyperrr & took out my cam & '' CHICHIAK ! CHICHIAK! CHICHIAK! ''
the one unhooded is my RONNIE :D

the 3 brothers ;D
ronald, roger, ronnie

ronald & mom

RONNIE ! (macam uncle) wahaa


we just met for the past 3 hours, and now im missing you guys already !
hmph ! can i wait till next week when all of you reach msia again ?
imy, ily :]


somehow im not in the mood to blog today. too tired i guess.
went crazy for the whole day ;

morning :
basketball early in the morning ,
ronnie's hse fer xbox ,
breakfast kat mamak , (ronnie spilled his coke on his d**k)
walked back to venna's house to bully her lil bro ,
mom fetched me home.

noon :
left early to era ,
makan with venna after finishing her shift with gabriel & weng seng ,
waited for ronnie, ben & yong jun to arrive ,
masuk class & practically joke around for the whole 3 hours ,
sayonara to YongJun ! ;( (will miss you tons !)


03 June 2009


hello birds & the blue sky in such a ''NICE'' morning.
btw wondering why am i up so early blogging ? im at my sweetie pie's rumah online-ing.
siao kan? LOL going for basketball later & now waiting for her to gao tim her hse chores. ==''
i nak tidurrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ciao. plurkie-plurk , here i come.

02 June 2009

hari ini :D

my sweetie pie jalan halfway kaki kejang -.-'' bodoh larh you !

credits to : ronnie (stalker !)
BAD cam skills darling ! rawrr
btw we're wearing the same shirt :D
Bout 1.30 went off to Venna's hse. wait for her awhile then walked to IOI .it was freaking hot& im sweating like shiat.LOL lepas tu walk round and masuk popular.then met her BATU8 friends there. freaking big bunch weih. then hang round with them.we were like so noisy and crazy all the while :p tireed ady went to mcD for a drink. we sat at a long table & there's a table opposite us with 2 matsalleh sitting there. me & venna was like so freaking syiok bout them. somehow idk how we started talking to them. they can speak fluent Mandarin. even better than me deih! malu =='' we even got their hse number ! (according to them, mereka takde hp num coz just reached msia) darn regret weihhh. takde take pic with them. :( then saya dan my lesbian partner went into F.O.S , Padini & other place to try out banyak shirts. we wana be couple. buy couple shirt. x) org reli thought we r lesbians .LOL! lepas beli baju bout 5 ady. need to walk back to nainas & wait for ben to pick us up. tapi itu venna 'chao gan' when we wana walk back. WTH. quickly phone Dicko gao tim her. then ben came to pick us up. we reach bout 5.30pm & start makan steamboat buffet. we made new friends tim. YEONG JUN (i guess its right) according to ronnie he's a COUNTRY BBALL PLAYER. woooooo~ but he's okay larh.quite lengzai but too cool. =='' he's only interested in VENNA. grrrrrh :\ tak apa tak apa. let them let them. x) WE MAKAN FOR 3 HOURS+ .walao. now full liek shiat. then walked to giant & fool around there. harhaa. then ronnie's mom picked us & drop me off at the guard hse. :]

sorta had fun today.
well its my 1st outing this hols. darn syok larh.
but too bad takde PICTURES. too hyper to take pics. ngeeehh. :]
thats all for today.
idk how tmr goes. :| im done :]

01 June 2009

1 7

4th of June
rawrrrr ! ! !
zac efron, here i come !

ohmyohmy, i cant wait ady. i mau watch weih..... siapa mau go? gimme a call :]

Larian Bomba

venue: dataran merdeka

anni put aeroplane on me! rawrr!

pictures credits to kye ernn :]

point at my darn hair



yeah. thats me with my auntie hairstyle :D

chun yeang

ze shyan

thanks kye ernn :]
btw i got 31st :D


a sense of confusion running in my mind
cant make a definite decision
give me some time, i need fresh air

not on bed yet.

*pumping on my ipod with kris allen's no boundaries