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28 April 2011


paid Sasa another monthly visit again. consulted the sales girl (more like a beauty cosultant cos she knws EVERYTHING. lol) and i came home w the new range of product DR.G ! korean product, which has a ppretty cute packaging, haha. SO I DECIDED TO DO A REVIEW ! i tried many & many products previously so i think im actually kinda late to start doing a review now. BUT BETTER LATE THN NEVER RIGHT ? HAHA

like usual, picture speaks a thousand words. so here we go,

Beyond Young ; Dr.G

a product of korea (:
Beads Beads Foam Cleanser. 
Texture : good, blue beads are found in it to work as the scrub.
Blue Blue Toner (:

The girl insisted to use cotton pad applying toner.
This is not in the Beyond Young seeries, got this to cure my pimples and scars. i must say the effect kick in fast ! WOOT (Y)

must use cottonpad alsoo ! jst dab it on those spots will do. a lil feeling of itchness is normal
night cream, only to be applied during the night after yr cleanser & toner !
not too sticky, not too watery. jst right (:


this is lotion for the Day (:

this whole set costs only rm60. my advice is try this traveler set out first, if it really suits your skin condition thn you can proceed buying the full range (: so that you dont waste your money ! HAHAH my mom taught me to do so .

thts all about it, x.

I'm on The Great ChurpChurp Race. Are you in it too?! #Churp2Race

I'm on The Great ChurpChurp Race. Are you in it too?! #Churp2Race

THIS IS NOT A SPAM. just some kind of contest thingy. if youre interested do join the race ! you can stand a chance to win Blackberry / IPAD. (:

23 April 2011


 Had alil trouble managing uni assignments & exams. anyways, im done w/ my Malaysian Studies for this sem. hopefully i pass *with flying colours of course and hence i do not need to retake this life threatening subject again.

im still working on a few assignments, i have 1 week left. gotta make use of all the 24hours i have in a day to finish it up. will be back w/ a post on District Rotaract Assembly. (: x

01 April 2011

A Monday Blue treatment.

Monday, definitely not the best day of the week. So after such long hectic day, mom decided to bring her 2 girls for a savory dinner (: since ioi boulevard is just nearby, we paid a visit again on our way home. The sister suggested to try Cone Pizza because we Jakun people have not tried even once after such long existence of the restaurant. i have to say, the food they have there are quite pricey compared to other restaurants because they serve quite a small proportion but it was worth a try.

They are having a promotion now, dinner promo. For every pasta (rm10.90) / cone pizza (rm9.90 ) ordered you can choose 2 side dishes from a variety of choices price ranging from rm3-4

appetizer ; fresco salad

Garlicky Foccacia

(must try ! tho nt as awesome as ikea's)
pasta ; Aglio E Olio
JENG JENG (creamy chicken delight)
yeah, my mom :D

After having a fulfilling italian meal, i had a desert craving & sorta forced mom to allow me satisfy my desert craving . HONEYMOON IT IS ! i believe honeymoon is a popular place for awesome desert defo i guess no elaboration is needed here :D



this is a must try ! totally forgot the name but look out for it (:
 * didnt have any cameras with me so iphone did the job. HAHA

The website !
Puchong IOI Boulevard :: Map

13A Ground Floor
Jalan Kenari 4
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
+603 8070 4691