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29 August 2010

running out of breath

hmm, just to freshen up my day alil (:

pre-trials started last week. and tmr's the last paper, BIOLOGY which i goddamnloveitsomuch :D well, the past week was like hell, lack of slumber time. pimples growing & popping like nobody's business. and honestly, i did well in none of the papers. like seriously the questions are effingly easy and yet I as a FORM5 student couldnt answer it.

Literature ; The Sound Machine
Q : What is the doctor's name ?
       *stares & go blank* *tgk sebelah* *psst psst !* ohhh...
A : Dr.Scott

wtf -_-'' i srsly srsly srsly cannot accept myself for not being able to answer that question. TRIALS is less than a month time ? woahh, gotta buckle up man.

and recently my twitter addiction is growing like like like A PIMPLE ON YOUR NOSE . i tweet like 24/7 my phone stuck in my hands with an elephant glueee . i wanna smash my phone into 19320942895842959258247985 PIECES . really ...... NOT .

neways, gtg !
kthxbai, waimanL.

11 August 2010

amioraminot ?

(via thesexkitten)

 Am i ? or am i NOT (: figure it out

whats around the corner ? *flips planner* *GASPS* trials awaiting !
trials on 29th of Sept, but before that school's having Intervensi 2 on 23rd this month which means ... *counts fingers* oh 12days more. how can i get all 9SUBJECTS done by 1week +

signing off, xo.