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14 December 2012

Las Vacas

BONJOUR ! ca va bien ? :D Aujourd'hui, c'est vendredi ! Examen final est pour bientôt ! 

before i start off with my intense revision, just a short post. and yes its about the Big boy's third birthday dinner ! :D its on Mr & Mrs Choong's treat this time. Went Las Vacas @ Montkiara for the beef ! BEEFITUP :> totally forgetten what they have in the menu. but as far as i rmb it was all beef. 

casual ambience, simple food, great taste. :) you can choose to dine in or take away. if youre a good coook you can always get it from the butchery section and beefitup at home !

cant recall the price of all the dishes we had but for starter we had Beef Wrap which was purely orgasm in mouth ! too good to miss out ! didnt have a picture of it because we were too hungry. haha, but its one of the recommended dishes so do order it if youre trying lasvacas

australian grass-fed tenderloin 
boyf & xg's choice*

australian grass-fed rib-eye
sc's & my choice*

they serve by grams, suitable for everyone. price is charged per gram ! love the concept. perfect for people like me and the boyf. haha :p las vacas closes at 10.30pm and we wanted to chitchat for a longer while so we moved to BaskinRobbins next door and i couldnt resist the waffle sundae so i order this.... 

 nyumss ! 

 with the one and only. didnt have much picture. yes rare for me to not take pictures right. because for the very first time, i managed to be under-dressed and this girl here over-dressed. :( i dnt knw why this would happen. NO IDEA ! :( :( :( :( :( felt so uneasy the wholeenight because the couple dressed up so nicely for the bf's dinner and i jst had something casual on :( 

ohyeap, we wore our Timberland already ! :D super comfy, love it  :D

merci for reading ! :) au revoir ! x

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